Are White Socks the Biggest Trend of the Summer?

Sydney Sweeney, Sarah Jessica Parker, Irina Shayk and more donning simple, white summer socks
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There’s nothing revolutionary about the humble white tube socks. You (and everyone you know) probably has a half-dozen pairs in your dresser right now. So to say “white socks are the styling trend of the summer” would seem a stretch. Yet here we are...saying white socks are the styling trend of the summer. Over the past few weeks, the white sock has appeared a secret styling weapon. While socks with loafers or dad sneakers is still very much a go-to, some are getting bolder and pairing socks with Mary Janes, fisherman sandals, and even strappy heels. Make your stilettos more casual or add some sporty spice to your posh flats. So just simply throw on a pair next time your getting dressed for a Hailey Bieber/Emma Chamberlain/Taylor Swift-approved look. Not sure where to begin? Here are four ways to wear the trend this summer.


Before we head into the deep end, let’s start off easy, with the style that has been popular for quite awhile now. Throwing on a pair of tube socks with your sneakers (either of the dad or athletic variety) is pretty intuitive. From there, you can elevate the look by pairing the footwear/sock combo with a dress a la Irina Shayk or keep it casual for a quick errands run like Hailey Bieber.

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Loafers and Brogues

If socks with sneakers is level one, socks with loafers is just a step above—still pretty tame but just a tad more unexpected. While many have embraced this trend for a few years now, none have done it more so than Emma Chamberlain. The former YouTuber even has a sound going around TikTok at the moment, explaining her go-to summer outfit formula.

“If it’s hot out, I basically wear the exact same thing,” she says. “Long skirt, scrunched up socks, a pair of loafers and then a basic tank top.” A scroll through Chamberlain’s Instagram feed proves she is loyal to this look, and a scroll through Getty street style proves she’s not the only one. Socks and loafers have demonstrated staying power, and there’s no time to jump on the trend quite like the present. You can opt for that long skirt, or take inspiration from other street style stars who are trying the look with minis as well. Or, if you’re tired of loafers at this point, go for the T-Swift look and swap them out for brogues instead.

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Flats and Sandals

Moving right along, next up in flats, specifically (but not limited to) ballet flats. The shoe style has made quite a comeback in the past year, so it makes sense the trend has now splintered off between those who like a more classic look, and those who want to add a little something extra. Pretty much every look in Marc Jacobs’ super speedy fall/winter 2023 presentation featured a simple and sleek version of the socks with flats combo. If you want something a bit more in your face, the balletcore trend has welcomed the addition of leg warmers or scrunched socks to ballet flats, leaving some (like Amelia Hamlin) to look like she’s walking out of a dance class with her Miu Miu flats and socks. When paired with more decorated shoes, like Ganni’s popular studded flats, though, they provide an edgier look, while classic Mary Janes allow for a school girl moment. If you’re not into the ballet flat, try the look with fisherman sandals, another piece that is gaining popularity this summer. The instinct would be to go bare-footed with these, but Bieber proves there’s no shoe that can’t benefit in some way from a white sock.

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Now we’ve made it to the big leagues, the version of this style that is likely the most daunting to take on, but no doubt the most exciting. The white socks trend has evolved (as trends tend to do) from its simplest iteration to something far more interesting—its pairing with heels. From platforms to sling backs to strappy little sandals, celebrities and style stars have tried them all, unafraid even of wearing socks with a peep-toe. Sock enthusiast Chamberlain brought the look to the Met Gala with Miu Miu, while Kristen Stewart added edge to her most recent Chanel look with a pair and platforms. Back in May, Sydney Sweeney upgraded her school girl-esque Thom Browne set by pairing socks, not with Mary Janes, but sling-back stilettos. The style even has Carrie Bradshaw’s approval, as the second episode of And Just Like That... season two featured the fashion icon wearing some Extreme Dior heels over a pair of (gray) Fendi socks (with a little attached baguette bag, which unfortunately could not be seen on the show). Plus, they probably make the shoes more comfortable to walk in, which is always a plus.

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