Yara Shahidi Decides Two Dior It Bags are Better Than One

Yara Shahidi attends the Dior Womenswear Fall/Winter 2022/2023 show
Jacopo Raule/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

For years, bags shrunk at an alarming rate. Led by Simon Porte Jacquemus and his Chiquito, it seemed like every brand was suddenly coming out with a miniaturized version of their most popular designs. Eventually, purses got so tiny they could no longer even be held, instead hung on chains as necklaces or attached to gloves so their size could continue to decrease, unmarred by claims of inconvenience. It soon became obvious, though, that the trend was not sustainable. Bags could only get so small, and while the days of the pandemic left us with no where to go and nothing to carry, we now need to bring keys, a wallet, masks, hand sanitizer, and more every time we leave the house. So, while a little bag is cute, sometimes it just doesn’t cut it. Luckily, there’s a solution, and it’s been gaining traction for awhile now. Case in point: Yara Shahidi just embraced it while at the Dior show at Paris Fashion Week—carrying two bags at once.

While attending Maria Grazia Chiuri’s fall 2022 collection on Tuesday morning, Shahidi stepped out in an adorable Dior ensemble, of course. The actress wore her hair in two twisted ponytails as she dressed in a khaki look from Dior’s pre-fall 2022 collection—a utilitarian-style cape with a matching pleated mini skirt, black thigh-high combat boots, and a pair of biker shorts to pull it all together. The muted look needed some color, however, so Shahidi opted for a vibrant green mini Lady Dior, an adorably bright accessory to finish off the actress’ outfit. But that couldn’t be the only bag she held. She couldn’t even fit her phone in there, as made evident by the fact that she is carrying it outside the purse. So, Shahidi added another bag, a Dior Saddle in the same green hue, solving her space problem and achieving an enviable layered look.

Pierre Suu/Getty Images

Double bags are nothing new, they’ve been floating around runways and street style for awhile, and now, as more and more of us begin to leave their homes, it’s possible we will be reaching for more than one bag to carry our goods. A trip to the office requires a tote big enough to carry a laptop, but also an additional purse that matches your well-curated outfit. The double bag is the perfect solution, and it also gives you an excuse to double the size of your handbag collection.

As for Shahidi’s choice of duel accessories, it’s quite fitting, considering her affinity for the pairing of that specific color with the French house’s design. At the 2021 Emmy Awards, the Dior global ambassador wore a gorgeous vintage-style dress made by Chiuri in almost the exact same hue. Clearly, the actress is a fan of green, a fan of Dior, and a fan of sufficient bag space.

Courtesy of Dior