The Ultimate Fashion Insider’s Guide to Chic Essentials for New Moms

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In the nine months of pregnancy leading up to the birth of her first child this spring, W Fashion Director Rickie De Sole swears that she focused on all the wrong things. “I spent months deliberating whether to wallpaper or have hand-drawn murals in the nursery. I packed a hospital bag full of impractical nightgowns and bags of make up for that ‘perfect’ post-baby picture. I oohed and ahhed over the baby china and silver spoons my son was so thoughtfully gifted,” De Sole explained. “We will certainly work our way up to that!”

After her son’s birth, De Sole discovered that the items she reached for in those early days were the extremely practical ones: a compact and organized baby diaper bag, and a Magic Sleepsuit that helps mom and dad sleep, too. De Sole duly noted that all newborns end up changing outfits more often than even the most devoted of street style stars, so finding easy organic cotton onesies for her baby was absolutely necessary. But for now, with Mother’s Day right around the corner, De Sole shares her tightly edited list of chic essentials for new moms (hint: white cashmere blankets not included!). And as for her best piece of new mom advice? Make time to take care of yourself and treat yourself to a great massage—Mother’s Day or not.

Hart + Land

“It should be no surprise that babies grow out of their clothes really quickly but somehow I never processed just how quickly. Keep newborn size clothes to a minimum. This gift set, from Nasiba Adilova’s shop, The Tot, is the perfect starter kit for baby’s wardrobe.”

Buy now: Hart + Land organic cotton 4-piece gift set, including two bodysuits, cap, and swaddling blanket, $75,


“I dreamed of my son dressed to the nines in beautiful baby clothes but in the early days, my best suggestion is to keep it simple with the best organic cotton PJs you can find. I had no idea how often newborns have to change their clothes—more than any street style star for sure!”

Buy now: Mori zip-up playsuit, $42.50,

La Coqueta Kids

“Once the visitors start rolling in (and do say no if you aren’t ready!) bust out the nice pieces. But again, don’t expect them to last all day in them, so plan accordingly and dress the baby right before friends arrive. Emma Elwick Bates introduced me to La Coqueta Kids and I have been hooked! Jewelry designer and mom Sabine Getty just did a collaboration with them, too.”

Buy now: Sabine Getty x La Coqueta Kids romper, $65,

Gryph & Ivy Rose

“When Karolina Kurkova told me she was started a children’s wellness line I thought it was something I wouldn’t use until my son was older. Little did I know that the Gryph & Ivy Rose oil would treat his baby cradle cap overnight! Just rub it on the baby’s scalp and it was soft by the morning. I swear by this.”

Buy now: Gryph & Ivory Rose oil, $29,

Anya Hindmarch

“I had no idea how much stuff one needs when leaving the house with baby—blankets, strollers, bottles, burp cloths, the list goes on. Pretty soon I found myself weighed down with a huge bag of stuff I hardly used. The more simple and compact you can make your diaper bag the better.”

Buy now: Anya Hindmarch Baby Emergency Kit, complete with changing mat and labeled pockets for organization, $384,


Vogue Mexico‘s Karla Martinez de Salas recommended super compact diaper bags for moms on the go. Storq’s Kit Bag fits my baby essentials and is easy to toss into a tote bag I already owned.”

Buy now: Storq bag, $48,

Baby Merlin

“Anything that helps a baby sleep better is the greatest gift of all! A friend told me about the ‘magic sleepsuit’ and we’ve all been sleeping better since. In the early days it keeps a baby from moving around too much and makes them feel cozy in the crib. I cannot recommend it more (although admittedly it looks like your child is wearing a snow/space suit when they wear it!).”

Buy now: Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit, $40,


“The moments pass quickly; find a way to document them. A baby has so many firsts it can be hard to keep track!”

Buy now: Smythson baby book, $500, smythson.

Monica Rich Kosann

“Take the time to write them down or print out a photo instead of just storing on your phone. You want to remember that first smile because it’s a total game changer! Add a favorite snap to a keepsake locket like this one from Monica Rich Kosann.”

Buy now: Monica Rich Kosann 18k gold locket necklace, starting at $3,250,

Marina Baratashvili
Justin Pumfrey

“No one quite prepared me for how my body would feel after the baby arrived. After 10 months of being pregnant I had assumed the worst was over. Wrong. My body felt worn down and swollen. Super mom Vanessa Traina recommended I book a session with Marina Baratashvili, who would help me slowly put the pieces back together. She’s a massage therapist who really understands the body and heals with her hands.”

To book a session, visit