Lily Collins, Lucy Hale, and Zoë Kravitz Share Their Go-To Nutrition Tips, Just In Time For Thanksgiving

With open access to the industry’s best makeup artists, hairstylists, trainers and more, when these Hollywood A-listers offer up their best health and diet tips, we are all ears. And with the holidays right around the corner, keeping up with these actresses’ day-to-day nutrition tips helps to only make those times of indulgence even sweeter—and the following days less painful. From actresses Andie MacDowell and Zoë Kravitz‘s love for organic, non-processed foods to Lily Collin’s love for clean foods, (which includes dark chocolate), maintaining a fresh diet is easier than you think. When it comes to an anti-inflammatory diet, take a cue from Catherine-Zeta Jones’, while actresses Gabrielle Union and Brooke Shields are strong advocates for water. And of course, leave it to former Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale, to gently remind us that, “life is short and you should eat what you want (in moderation).” Here, a closer look at the best celebrity-approved nutrition tips to follow this holiday season.


Actress Lucy Hale said, “I definitely feel my best when I’m eating whole and raw foods and good protein. But I also believe that life is short and you should eat what you want (in moderation).”


Big Little Lies star Zoë Kravitz said that, “water, organic non-processed foods, supplements like fish oils for the skin, and probiotics for digestion” are the basis for her day to day nutrition.


Actress Lily Collins prefers a steady diet of clean food sharing that, “quinoa, fresh vegetables and fruit, sushi, dark chocolate, and organic oatmeal” are her go-tos.


Actress Anya-Taylor Joy knows the value of a good winter soup,”I love soups and grains in the winter—so comforting and filling, yet healthy. While I was shooting in Spain I also discovered my love of gazpacho–I would drink that all day, every day if I could!”


Ashley Benson breaks down her go-to recipe for a filling smoothie, sharing that, “for smoothies, I’m obsessed with peanut butter. I’ll get a smoothie with one banana, almond milk and a tablespoon of peanut butter for breakfast and it will keep me really full, it’s so delicious. For coffee, I do black coffee with coconut milk.”


Actress Catherine-Zeta Jones shares that,”water, maintaining my PH balance, no alcohol and through diet keeping my body free of any inflammation inside and out” are her best tips for maintaining a healthy glow.


For Burberry model Iris Law, a cup of “turmeric tea, ginger tea and warm water with lemon” is her go-to drink of choice.


For Gabrielle Union‘s flawless skin, the actress shares that, “I drink a gallon of water a day and eat a lot of leafy greens” to maintain her glowing complexion.


For Brooke Shields, a great nutrition plan is all about, “water, water, water, sleep, and greens. And, love.”


Actress Andie MacDowell is an advocate for non-processed foods, explaining that, “I only eat real food, and avoid man-made packaged food. Anything that grows out of the ground I eat. I do eat meat and chicken, but never with any added hormones, that’s a huge no-no! I eat wild fish, healthy fish. I love all beans and I make one heck of a Dal. I love cheese but I eat it in moderation. I eat a lot of nuts. I study food and understand how it works in your body.”