The Best Mother’s Day Gifts, According to W Editors

by W Staff

Instead of scrambling for a last-minute bouquet, why not treat your mom to something extra nice this Mother’s Day? Maybe she needs a new tote bag, or something to zhuzh up her tennis ensemble—or perhaps she’d appreciate a fresh new scent for the living room. Maybe she’s been texting you questions about CBD and could use some stress relief. (Couldn’t we all?) Whether you’re celebrating together or apart this year, any of these editor-approved gift ideas are sure to make her smile.

My mom loves bright, herbaceous scents—never anything too heavy or floral. She’s only recently gotten into scented candles, and this farmers-market-inspired one feels just right, with a fresh basil aroma that’s balanced out with notes of lime, tarragon, ginger and lily of the valley. - Andrea Whittle, Features Editor

This collaboration between Longchamp and the classic French bag company Filt is perfect for any mom who’s looking to upgrade her reusable grocery bag situation. The addition of Longchamp’s signature leather top handle is a nice elevated touch, and there's also the option to personalize it with a monogram. - Oona Wally, Senior Visuals Editor

Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to give my mom something she wouldn’t go out of her way to buy—like a luxe perfume from boutique fragrance house Cultus Artem. With eight signature scents, there’s an option for every personality, but my personal favorite is Alba, a delicate blend of magnolia, citrus, and soft woods. - Tilden Bissell, Digital Designer

I’ve been stressing to my mom recently the importance of taking time for herself, which usually ends up being in the form of a long, hot bubble bath. These bath bombs are a great way for any mom to pamper herself and are guaranteed to make her feel incredibly loved this Mother’s Day. - Tori López, Lead Fashion Assistant

Long-lasting plants are always a good option for Mom. Think orchids, succulents, or better yet, a forever bouquet that requires no maintenance. A set of origami flowers—either handmade or purchased—is sure to please. - Katie Connor, Executive Digital Director

Treat mom to a dash of decadence with Sophie Bille Brahe’s Pink Velvet jewelry box to house all of her favorite jewelry pieces. Not only does the tonal satin lining look great, it’s also designed to prevent any surface scratches. - Amir La Sure, Lead Accessories Assistant

My mother goes through this moisturizer so quickly, I wonder if she secretly drinks it! - Armand Limnander, Executive Editor

This buffed faux-leather tote in a sunny, graphic yellow and white pattern is the perfect carry-all for the stylish mom in your life. She’ll love it whether it's just for a trip to the grocery store, or an upcoming beach vacation (when it's safe to do so!). - Maxine Wally, Senior Digital Editor

Over years of working with the infamous W Closet, I’ve come to adopt a few gems as my own, one being a classic canvas bucket hat that was specifically coveted by my mom every time she saw me in it. This Mother’s Day, I’m going to give her this fisherman-inspired hat from the new Loewe Paula’s Ibiza collaboration. It’s the perfect mate to my beloved closet version. - Nora Milch, Fashion Director

My mom’s new favorite pastime is hitting the tennis courts. To complete her look, I’m going to give her this chic, monogrammed canvas tennis tote so she arrives at every match in style! - Laura Jackson, Associate Fashion Market Editor

If your mom is anything like mine, she is nearly impossible to shop for. This is why I mainly stick to food-related gifts. These coconut cream doughnuts from Doughnut Plant are her absolute favorite, so every Mother's Day I order a box to the house. They’re a guaranteed hit! - Jenna Wojciechowski, Senior Fashion Market Editor

We could all use a little stress relief—and your mother is no different. These CBD gummies are a great place to start: They’re packed with lavender and manuka honey to promote a sense of calm, plus vitamin C, zinc, and elderberry. - MW

For the mom who misses her old point-and-shoot camera, this tiny analog instant Polaroid is the perfect thing for capturing lasting memories for years to come. - Allia Alliata di Montereale, Special Projects Editor

My mom is a creative and talented artist, but she’s a little bit shy about showing off her work. I hope this book might inspire her to take it to the next level. - Christina Holevas, Senior Accessories Editor

Even if her travel plans are still just daydreams for now, these sandals scream "beach vacation" nonetheless. Perfect for a backyard sunbathing session. - MW

Along with their chic new blush line, Hermès just released a trio of tinted lip balms that I know my mom would adore. The Rose Tan is the perfect shade for low-key summer evenings ahead, and there’s the added bonus of sesame and raspberry seed oils for a dose of moisture. - AW

My love for accessories was definitely inherited from my mother. She is overdue for an upgrade in the purse department, and I think she'll love the elegant equestrian vibes of this Curve bag from Alexander McQueen. - Christina Holevas