10 Scary (And Relevant) Halloween Costumes Inspired by Social Media Trends

There's maybe nothing scarier than the influence of a viral meme. So for Halloween this year, you can channel the internet's most harebrained content with a costume inspired by one of the many social media trends that took over your feed. From the Twitter account that documented every instance Rihanna brought a wine glass out with her in public, to the snake emoji, which was temporarily banned by Instagram for its malicious use in the spamming of Taylor Swift, these ideas are guaranteed to help you go viral this Halloween. And if you don't know what we're talking about, then maybe it's time to brush up on your memes.

1. Rihanna Drinking Wine
What you'll need: Fenty x Puma furry slippers, Fenty x Puma sweats and a sweatshirt, an extra-large wine glass, and (at least) one bottle of red wine. This can also be done as a couple's costume.


Getty Images

2. Ghost of Justin Bieber's Instagram
What you'll need: Blonde wig, fake tattoos, trucker hat, Purpose Tour merch, no shoes, and elastic-waist pants that can easily be pulled down to moon people. Since Bieber deleted his Instagram account this summer, your sheer existence makes you a ghost.

3. Snake Emoji
What you'll need: All-green outfit, scale-like face paint, eyeliner.

4. Damn, Daniel
What you'll need: Vans, jeans, plaid shirt, hair gel.


5. An Aux Cord
What you'll need: All-black outfit, pointy silver hat, iPod.

6. Jaden Smith On the Phone With Boxed Water
What you'll need: Blue Just Water box, high ponytail, sunglasses, overalls and/or skirt, mask.


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7. A Man Who Can Do Both
What you'll need: Suit jacket, button-down shirt, and tie on top, OVO sweatpants on the bottom.


8. Harambe
What you'll need: Black fur coat, bananas, a halo.

9. All the Pablos: Pablo Picasso, Pablo Escobar, and Saint Pablo
What you'll need: Striped Saint James shirt, mustache, mug shot placard, Yeezy sneakers.

10. Contouring Gone Wrong
What you'll need: Multiple shades of contouring sticks that don't match your skin tone.



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