Why Did So Many Celebrities Want to Start Off 2020 As Newlyweds?

Just when you thought the biggest celebrity wedding trend on your radar was to get married in secret and keep the nuptials private until the time when talking about them in the press is absolutely necessary, there comes another movement to be investigated: holiday weddings.

At least five celebrity couples got hitched within the days surrounding the Christmas and New Year holidays (that we know of anyway). Sure, many people get engaged over th winter holidays, but few take it a step further and actually have their wedding during those dates as well. And why shouldn’t they take advantage of that weird week when no one knows what day it is and everyone is just biding their time in pajamas? Maybe they figured you might as well have your wedding during the holiday season when every single one of your family and friends are out of the office anyway, and more likely to have the time to attend the ceremony.

Hilary Duff and Matthew Koma—who share a one-year-old daughter named Banks—celebrated their wedding on December 22, with their best friends Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Duff’s Younger co-star Molly Bernard as officiants.

Julia Garner and Foster the People frontman Mark Foster had their wedding moment at New York’s City Hall on December 27, followed by FIFA Women’s Word Cup winners Ali Krieger and Ashlynn Harris, who got married at Miami’s Vizcaya Museum and Gardens on December 28, with the latter wearing a custom Thom Browne tux (and with fellow soccer superstar Megan Rapinoe in the wedding party).

Then, Erin Foster and Bumble entrepreneur Simon Tikhman wed in Nashville on New Year’s Eve (with her stepmother Katharine McPhee Foster performing for the newlyweds at their reception).

And while Kris Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian hosted their annual over-the-top Christmas Eve party, there was more fanfare to be had than originally met the eye. Little did they know, that soirée doubled as an engagement party for Kathy Griffin and her now-husband Randy Bick, who wed on New Year’s Day, with a ceremony officiated by Lily Tomlin.

A prediction for the next wave of celebrity nuptials? Thanksgiving weddings. Think about it—there’s an even higher chance (at least compared to Christmas) that your family is already all in one place and ready to fight, so you might as well give them a little something to celebrate.

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