Being a 19-year-old with more than two million followers on Instagram, as well as the tabloid make-out interest of Kendall Jenner, sounds pretty impressive for any teen. But considering that his two supermodel sisters are among the most famous millennials in the world, though, Gigi and Bella's little brother Anwar Hadid has managed to stay mostly under the radar.

Even his mom, Yolanda Hadid, couldn't convince him to join his sisters in making a cameo on her modeling competition show, even though Anwar is a model himself, having signed to IMG in 2016. "It’s just not part of his nature," she told W earlier this year. "Anwar’s actually kind of shy. Unless I push him into things, he likes to be in the background and do his thing."

On Wednesday, though, apparently of his own volition Anwar let his millions of followers join him in the background by throwing them a few fun facts via a Q&A session he held on his Instagram Story. In case you missed it, read on for some rare scintillating insights into the life of Anwar the enigma, here.

He's single.

Well, we know now the relationship status of at least one Hadid! Though don't get your hopes up too high; Anwar seems quite pleased with being single "as fuccc"; he added three prayer-hand emojis to his reply.

He keeps his real friends close.

And if you're finding yourself wondering who exactly those friends are, that probably means you're not one of those friends. When asked for his thoughts on friendship and loyalty, he responded that for him, "it's like I don't really have to talk about it with the people I know got me for life.. if u gotta speak on it and question it.." he wrote, throwing in a hand-raising emoji, "sorry kid." (Read into that what you will when it comes to matters like Kendall.)

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He's a gamer.

When presented with the choice between Dragon Ball Z and Fortnite, he forfeited, responding, "impossible."

He has at least a basic knowledge of astrology.

When asked for his zodiac sign, Anwar responded with the Cancer emoji. (Meaning that he's in the same cunning but nurturing group as celebs like Selena Gomez and Lindsay Lohan.)

He's part cherub.

When asked which of the tattoos on his body was his favorite at the moment, Anwar responded with a snapshot of a cherub deep in thought, resting its head on its hand in an illustration by the tattoo artist Doctor Woo.

He just might be the next Justin Bieber.

At least in the sense that he has some thoughts about god. When asked if he thought if god was a woman, Hadid replied, "I believe god is like probably the purest form of femininity and masculinity yano? I think god is everything."

He's compassionate.

When asked what he would do to change the world, he replied, "Give everyone who doesn't have the blessing to live peacfully [sic] a way to live freely without discrimination"—a response that actually seems genuine, especially since his sisters have both used their platforms to protest Donald Trump's immigration policies.

He's got your back.

Hadid's responses to the intimidating question "Do you think we still can save the world?" was much more oversized than query, which he overlaid with the words "BIG TIME," itself.

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