Ariana Grande as Mean Girls’ Regina George Is Uncanny

Instagram: @arianagrande

Ever since Ariana Grande dropped the Burn Book–esque lyric video for her latest single, “Thank U, Next,” there’s been a connection between the song and the iconic teen movie turned musical Mean Girls. But we are still kind of screaming over her latest Instagram, a picture from the set of the “Thank U, Next” music video shoot showing Grande as Regina George among the other Plastics. In her “A Little Bit Dramatic” T-shirt and blonde hair (no ponytail!), Grande is every bit the queen bee. But it’s the Dynasty actress Elizabeth Gillies, who costarred with Grande on Nickelodeon’s Victorious when they were tweens, who wins the award for best doppelgänger. Wearing Lohan-red hair and, we assume, Damien’s pink shirt, she truly is Cady Heron.

Rounding out the group are Courtney Chipolone as the Toaster Strudel heiress Gretchen Weiners; Alexa Luria as Karen Smith, sweet idiot whose boobs know when it’s going to rain; and Jonathan Bennett, who literally played Aaron Samuels in the movie. Hey, he’s aged well enough to reprise his most iconic role, so why not? But he does need to push his hair back. His hair looks sexy pushed back.

The not-yet-out “Thank U, Next” video will also pay homage to two of Grande’s other favorite girl-power flicks, Legally Blonde and Bring It On. Is it a coincidence that all three of these movies were turned into musicals? Is she trying to take Broadway now? Let’s ponder that while we take a look at all the behind-the-scenes snaps.

And yep, that’s a pregnant Colleen Balinger, aka “Miranda Sings,” in a Toros outfit:

Looking through the pop star’s recent Instagram posts, we also spotted a First Wives Club shout-out (from her Ellen performance) and what certainly looks like the dollhouse from 13 Going On 30.

Calling it now: This video is going to break the Girl Internet.

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