The Obamas Have Fully Embraced the Post-Presidential Lifestyle

Basketball games and Broadway plays make for a pretty normal weekend with the Obamas.

2019 NBA Finals - Game Two
Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

No one has embraced the post–White House lifestyle like the Obamas.

On Sunday night, Barack Obama showed up in Toronto for game two of the NBA Finals, wearing a leather jacket and walking into that arena like he owned the place. Of course, it is no secret that Obama loves basketball, and this is not the first time the former president has flexed with a leather jacket; the custom “44”-embroidered Rag & Bone leather bomber jacket that he wore during the Duke versus University of North Carolina NCAA basketball game had everyone talking in February. But before this game even began, he ran into the world’s number one Toronto Raptors fan, also known as Drake, and asked if the rapper was “behaving himself” (in reference to his recent meme-able sideline antics). And you know Twitter just ate the whole thing up, because it is nearly impossible to resist making a video of Obama dapping up Drake before an NBA Finals game in the rapper’s hometown go viral on the Internet.

While the former president of the United States was (presumably) cheering on the Golden State Warriors from the Toronto basketball court, the former first lady was reportedly enjoying a Broadway play in New York.

Page Six reports that during a performance of To Kill a Mockingbird, Michelle Obama was spotted in the aisles by some fellow theatergoers. One man said her presence at the play was “like a magic trick” because “she appeared out of thin air as the show was about to begin, then vanished without a trace at intermission.”

The Shubert Theatre, which was where Obama saw To Kill a Mockingbird, did not confirm her attendance but did confirm that the theater has some sort of secret lounge that allows VIP guests to have some privacy during intermission (and presumably absolves them of having to stand in those notoriously long bathroom lines in between acts). And even with the possibility of receiving VIP treatment, the former FLOTUS apparently gave a standing ovation at the end of the performance, sans security like a regular audience member.

As for the children, the tabloids appear to have reached a break in covering the lives of Malia Obama and Sasha Obama, who was probably just happy to have the house to herself for the weekend like any good teen would be if their parents decided to hit up a basketball game or a Broadway play without them.

Anyway, this normal Sunday Funday for the Obama family is probably just to serve as a reminder that they have indeed moved on to bigger and better things, like planning their youngest daughter’s prom photo shoot and making a Netflix show about fashion.

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