It looks like Bella Hadid gave The Weeknd's latest EP a listen, and took some of the lyrics to heart. The former couple was reportedly spotted together at Coachella on Friday, April 13, allegedly "kissing all night" according to E! News.

Some of the most emo lyrics on My Dear Melancholy, where Abel Tesfaye sings about the time he felt he wasted not staying with an equestrian ex-girlfriend and tempts her to come back to him, have been rumored to be about Hadid. The rest of the EP is explicitly referencing the singer's fraught relationship with Selena Gomez—the crooner claims to have "almost cut a piece" of himself for her life, a reference to the kidney transplant Gomez needed just a few months before their October 2017 breakup, which was about a year after Tesfaye split from Hadid.

The Weeknd performed those lyrics for the Gomez-inspired “Call Out My Name" live for the first time during his set at Coachella, and may have even shed a few tears for the crowd. Or maybe it was just sweat—he was singing in the desert, after all.

Hadid was not spotted during The Weeknd's headlining set on the first night of Coachella, but the two were seen at the Kylie Cosmetics launch for Kylie Jenner's latest addition to her makeup line on Friday, and sources told Us Weekly their behavior seemed to indicate that “they are 100 percent back together.”

But hold your horses—the former couple might not be preparing for an official Met Gala reunion just yet. The following night, fans of Tesfaye reportedly saw him affectionately hugging DJ Chantal Jeffries, and walking around the festival with their arms linked. Jeffries is also a close, personal friend of Justin Bieber, Gomez's official ex-boyfriend. And Bieber has been at Coachella this whole time too, he's just been hanging out with rapper and festival performer Post Malone and punching people in the throat, rather than scoping out ex-girlfriends.

Music festivals are more than just a petri dish for trends, pool parties, and iconic performances; at this point, we're going to need some sort of diagram to figure out who actually is back with their ex, who is having a festival fling, and who was just out there having a really good time for the first weekend of Coachella.