Who to Follow This Week: A Russian Supermodel, Marion Cotillard’s Stylist, and a Parisian Girl Gang

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This week, we got a glimpse inside W’s June/July 2017 cover star Natalia Vodianova’s Paris home, where she lives with husband Antoine Arnault and their five children. She’s not only a supermodel, but also a super mom, and super activist. Her Instagram account is proof of her jam-packed schedule as well as her fabulous jet set life.

Speaking of which, the Cannes Film Festival just wrapped, and in addition to celebrities like Elle Fanning, Nicole Kidman, and Kirsten Dunst making the trip to the French Riviera, stylists like Eliot Bliss were also in toe. Bliss is the man behind most of actress Marion Cotillard’s looks, and her Y/Project jeans were one of our favorites on the red carpet this season.

Far from Cannes but still in France are a group of teenage girls who call themselves the “Gucci Gang.” Everyone wants to be like a French girl these days, but no one understands this more inherently—and simultaneously rejects it—than these four stylish and rebellious Parisians. And in that same vein, we also came across two more young creatives: Blondey McCoy from London, and Anna Sui’s nice, Chase Sui Wonders—both of whom are doing their own thing (on and off Instagram), but in very different ways.

Who: Natalia Vodianova

Where: Paris, France

Why: W‘s June/July cover star has perhaps one of the most aspirational accounts on Instagram—if that’s what you’re into. There’s a reason her handle is “Supernova.”

Who: Chase Sui Wonders

Where: Harvard University

Why: The 21-year-old niece of designer Anna Sui is only just beginning to inch her way into the spotlight, and it’s nice to follow a fashion scion who isn’t obsessed with “influence,” rather finishing up her studies at Harvard.

Who: The Gucci Gang

Where: Paris, France

Why: How to be a French girl, but in the good way.

Who: Blondey McCoy

Where: London, UK

Why: This 19-year-old streetwear designer, model, artist, and skateboarder is everything cool about London youth culture right now.

Who: Eliott Bliss

Where: Paris, France

Why: Follow Marion Cotillard‘s stylist for the best behind-the-scenes pictures of her getting ready all over the world.

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