The Big Little Lies Cast Remains Very Committed to Their Group Text

Zoë Kravitz said they kept it up even before they knew the show was going to be renewed.

Big Little Lies
Courtesy HBO

Even though the date of the series’ premiere hasn’t been announced yet, other than that it won’t be any time this year, we’re already getting back into the constant news cycle about Big Little Lies, the HBO limited series that managed to get renewed for a season 2. First came the exciting news that Meryl Streep would be joining the cast, playing the mother of Alexander Skarsgård’s character, Perry Wright—an addition that even Nicole Kidman couldn’t believe.

Things have really started to seem real, though, ever since Reese Witherspoon shared the first behind-the-scenes photo from shooting the second season, featuring herself and Laura Dern, whom she’s wont to hang out on the beach with outside of film sets, too. Indeed, the cast is so close that they maintained a group text and email chains even before they knew a season 2 was coming, as Zoë Kravitz shares in InStyle‘s new cover story, in which she’s interviewed by her “Godmama” Marisa Tomei.

“They’ve really become a support system for me, and I hope I’ve done the same for them,” she says of her Big Little Lies castmates, who now seem to be as close to her as her “Godmama.” “Before we knew we were coming back for a second season, we kept in touch—group texts and emails and stuff like that.”

Witherspoon, ever the overachiever, has of course been at the center of that. “I’ve spoken to Reese, who’s become one of my dearest friends, about so many aspects of my life. She’s such a smart businesswoman, so I’ve sent her ideas and scripts, and she reads them and gives me feedback,” Kravitz continued. “It’s so amazing to have women in your life like that who are a part of the industry and who you’ve grown up watching and admiring … and now they’re giving you advice and encouraging you to continue and develop your projects, your dreams, and yourself.”

“The unity between women just changes everything. It’s always helped me find my voice and elevate the artistic experience,” Tomei added, prompting Kravitz to continue with a laugh: “Elevate the world, which is why I think people have been trying to stop us,” she said. “Because when we come together, you feel the energy immediately. We’ve all grown up in a culture where we were taught to fight with one another for jobs and attention—specifically men’s attention … We’re not taught to raise one another up. But everyone looks more beautiful once we get rid of the idea that we need to oppose one another.”

Kravitz’s costars seem to agree: Speaking about how she, Witherspoon, Kidman, Kravitz, and Shailene Woodley are all “constantly group texting,” Dern has said, “It’s the beautiful thing of women getting to work together after years of being the only girl on a film. Suddenly you get to share parenting and struggles of the day, not just our work.” She also confirmed another point which Kravitz suggested, and which we all probably could have guessed anyway: that they all may contribute, but Witherspoon is definitely the one who dominates the group text.

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