Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, America's troll-iest sweethearts, are back together on every social media platform. After Lively seemingly wiped out her Instagram to promote her upcoming film A Simple Favor (she hid all her pictures and unfollowed every account except for a handful of women named Emily Nelson, her character's name), all of the photos have now been restored, and she currently follows her husband, Reynolds, and @hope.for.emily, the mysterious account of her mysterious character (we guess).

Why'd she come back? Fashion, duh. Lively posted a picture of herself in a checkered dress and camel coat with the explanation, "Reuploading my page and loving this excuse to post this ? outfit from last month that I forgot to post the next day. Because after a couple days it’s strange to post, like you’re hung up on how awesome you were 2 days ago. Which highlights how lame you are now by comparison to how cool you were when you wore that amazing outfit. So you wait a week or so for a #tbt. But then you realize it’s way too soon for a #tbt, what were you thinking??! You should’ve just posted the next day! ?! What are you gonna do now?!? You can’t let that outfit go unposted! And then you realize something even more important— you’ve lost your cool entirely. Thanks social media. You’ve officially taken my chill." Hey, same.

The Emily Nelson account, meanwhile, looks like a Fifty Shades Of Grey mood board. There are a lot of luxurious, minimalist interiors, some jewelry, and a spiky heel.

Reynolds, too, is starting to promote his next project. The upcoming Deadpool sequel features a song by Celine Dion but, no, that's not Ryan dancing around in the costume in the video.

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