Blake Lively Wore a Fantastic Pantsuit to Meet Up With Anna Kendrick In N.Y.C.

Blake Lively in a plaid pantsuit.

NEW YORK, NY - AUGUST 18: Blake Lively poses outside the Crosby Hotel on August 18, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by James Devaney/GC Images)

James Devaney

The press junket for A Simple Favor—a mystery thriller starring Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick, directed by Paul Feig—is shaping up to be an unofficial addition to New York Fashion Week. While promoting the film, Lively has already sported a number of eye-catching looks, like double blazers, a velour blue suit, and an almost impossibly green ensemble that nearly reminds one of CGI. And remember, she does all this sans stylist. Now, Lively has turned on the special effects again, wearing an optical-illusion-y Roland Mouret pantsuit to meet up with Kendrick outside the Crosby Hotel in Manhattan's SoHo.

Unlike the monotone ensembles of earlier this weekend, Lively's latest outfit encompasses every shade and hue, using a plaid-check pattern to go from red to yellow to blue to green in a way that's more preppy quilt than big ol' rainbow. She added a menswear-inspired tie but topped off the outfit with pink earrings and a heart-shaped (like, an actual heart, not a valentine) brooch, because she's Blake Lively, not Diane Keaton.


The petite Kendrick was cute as always in a wrap dress and platform heels. She knows she can't out-fashion Lively, and she doesn't want to or even try. She keeps it simple and it works. Perhaps this difference in their outlooks, if not their personalities, led to the casting? From the trailer, it seems like Lively's character, Emily, is much more mysterious and daring (even, let's just say it, colorful), than Anna Kendrick's everymom Stephanie.


The trailer also features a lot of fun outfits and ladies drinking wine and *Gone Girl-*esque clues, so get your tickets (and your canned wine) now. In the meantime, the only mystery we have to solve is what are these two going to wear next?

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