Brad Pitt Carrying a Purse Around Los Angeles Is Another Reason to Love the Bucket Bag

He was just spotted in Los Angeles wearing a murse.

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Roy Rochlin/FilmMagic

Just as teeny, tiny bags have begun to outnumber the bucket bag — at least, in stores and on Instagram — Brad Pitt has offered a new reason to hang onto the larger silhouette. The 55-year-old actor was spotted out in Los Angeles with a new look and a new murse (aka man purse): a woven bucket bag that he slung over his shoulder and paired with a flat cap, a green t-shirt, grey jeans and a half-grey beard.

Why was Pitt carrying a purse? Maybe he got the memo that the line between men’s and women’s fashion has almost completely melted away. Crossbody bags are pretty much a staple for guys like ASAP Rocky, Louis Vuitton artistic director of menswear Virgil Abloh, and Pharrell Williams, who fronted Chanel’s campaign for their gender-fluid Gabrielle purse in 2017 and is such a fan of the murse that he used to wear an empty one around just for style. “When I first started wearing it I didn’t have anything in it. I was just so excited to have it,” he told WWD when the campaign launched. “But now I use it to carry my phone, and—you know—essential personal things.”

There’s also Jaden Smith, a committed fan of the murse who even turned his dreadlocks into one at the 2017 Met Gala. Plus, this basketball season, NBA players like Carmelo Anthony, DeAndre Hopkins, and Kevin Love have taken the murse one step further with the tiny bag trend.

Pitt could be aware of this, or he could just honestly need a vessel to carry all of his things in. Maybe he was schlepping a Frank Ocean LP and some sculpting tools to his good friend Thomas Houseago’s art studio in the city’s Frogtown neighborhood, where he has been spending time in the wake of his divorce to Angelina Jolie. “I don’t care if you’re Brad Pitt or the Queen of Sheba. You’re listening to Frank Ocean’s Blonde,” as Houseago recently explained to W, adding, “Brad is really interested in art, architecture, sculpture, and design. So it didn’t seem odd that he wanted to spend time around the studio.”

Or, could Pitt have a new romantic interest in his life and style muse? If so, does this meme need to be expanded to include his new look and new love interest?

Whatever the reason behind the stylistic choice, Pitt is simply experimenting with the new, and no one can hate on that.