Brad Pitt Opened Up About His Friendship with Kanye West

We finally know why Brad Pitt was at Kanye West’s Sunday Service.

'Ad Astra' Premiere In Tokyo
Ken Ishii/Getty Images

Over Labor Day weekend, Brad Pitt was spotted in the crowd at Kanye West’s [Sunday Service( Some have chided the event for its somewhat cultish vibe (everyone wore all purple ensembles at the Easter Sunday performance earlier this spring), but it is essentially a church service with a full gospel choir singing renditions of the rapper’s biggest songs, in addition to some Christian jams too.

Turns out, it was actually Pitt’s second time at Sunday Service, according to Kendall Jenner, who let it slip that the actor had been to the congregation “a couple times” during her appearance on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon (and admitted that she dipped before Pitt could get the chance to introduce himself to her, out of a fear of meeting her idol-slash-crush, understandably).

But even though Pitt has been on a bit of a media tour lately, promoting his films Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and Ad Astra in a variety of magazine profiles and cover interviews, no one has bothered to ask him what on earth he was doing at the West family’s Sunday Service this past month, or how he even met West in the first place. We have all just had to take Jenner’s word for it. That is, until now, after Entertainment Tonight bravely asked Pitt for his opinion on the Sunday Services happening at West’s Calabasas abode.

“I think he’s doing something really special there,” Pitt said. “It’s just a pure celebration of life and people, and it’s really delightful. It really is.”

Pitt, however, did open up about his general religious outlook in a new cover story with GQ. “Oh, man, I’ve gone through everything. Like, I cling to religion. I grew up with Christianity. Always questioned it, but it worked at times,” he said. “And then when I got on my own, I completely left it and I called myself agnostic. Tried a few spiritual things but didn’t feel right. Then I called myself an atheist for a while, just kind of being rebellious. I wasn’t really. But I kinda labeled myself that for a while. It felt punk rock enough. And then I found myself coming back around to just belief in—I hate to use the word spirituality, but just a belief in that we’re all connected.”

So, it seems that Pitt—lover of all things artisan and fanboy of contemporary popular musicians—is a pretty open book these days, and will open up about just about anything. The one question he won’t answer, however, is, “Who is your favorite Kardashian?” to which he laughed and replied, “I will not pick favorites.”

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