Here with your daily dose of whimsy and delight is Britney Spears, who on the afternoon of Friday, October 13 posted a video of herself painting. So fun! Dressed in a sports bra, shorts and a paint-splattered button-down that she trades for an airy sweater halfway through the video, Spears can be seen perched on a stool in what one assumes is her expansive backyard, painting swirls and flowers. She captioned the video, which is set to Mozart's "Piano Sonata 11" (thanks, Siri!), "Sometimes you just gotta play!!!!!!" And indeed, sometimes you just gotta!

If you don't follow Ms. Spears on Twitter, you should consider remedying that immediately, because she's truly mastered the art form. Her feed is a mix of charitable efforts, inspirational memes, promotions for her latest projects, and random-ass videos like you might have made in tenth grade at a sleepover after trying Peach schnapps for the first time. For instance, a one-woman fashion show!

Or this clip, in which the super-fit Brit demonstrates her ability to do a handstand in her home gym - which has pink Christmas lights - while a small dog plays in the background. She captioned it "Life is actually better upside down ??????????," and you know what? It probably is.

The same content is available on her Instagram, if that's your preferred platform.

At the end of a toxically bad week in what seems like and endless, and endlessly terrible, year, Britney's painting gives us hope. Hope that there is still fun in this world, hope that she's doing well, and hope that she will be allowed to do the album artwork for her next record, because we need to see where this flower motif is going.

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