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It's a classic tale: Two celebrity best friends spend a few magical days gallivanting around Paris in honor of Paris Fashion Week and, on their final night in the City of Lights, get buzzed on white wine and tequila, and dye one of the friend's platinum pixie cut a subtle shade of millennial pink. It's happened to the best of us, and on Wednesday night, it happened to Busy Philipps and Michelle Williams.

Fortunately, Philipps is a known Instagram Stories devotee, and thus documented the entire process on social media. It all began with a boozy dinner, where they ate "baked potatoes with caviar" and mourned the end of their Parisian fairytale, after which they would have to send back their PFW wardrobe and "turn into pumpkins." The confessional-style selfie videos of Philipps, Williams, and another friend grew increasingly goofy, perhaps due to Philipps's alleged penchant for drinking tequila "like water." "Do we look like babies or am I crazy," Philipps captioned one pic in which the trio sleepily lounged on a hotel bed—until the tub of "pink slime" arrived, seemingly out of nowhere, and the plan to give Williams a makeover was hatched.

A series of short clips followed in which a suddenly wide-awake Philipps massaged the dye into a frightened Williams's short blonde hair. After approximately 120 seconds, Philipps's "little pixie" friend had the palest, almost Cara Delvingne-esque pink tint in her now "perfectly millennial pink" hair, and both women were celebrating their DIY dye job with more glasses of white wine. "I want everything to be pink," Williams said from behind Philipps's shoulder. Later, back in the hotel bed, Philipps triumphantly declared of her robe-clad pal, "She's, like, kind of naked and she has slightly pink hair and it is f*cking beautiful!" For her part, Williams was more preoccupied with the room service menu. "There's more food to be eaten," she declared in the final clip, evoking the wisdom and passion that have landed her not one but four Academy Award nominations.

Before Wednesday night's truly delightful finale, Philipps, 38, and Williams, 37 — who met on Dawson's Creek in the early aughts — spent their time in Paris sitting front row at the Louis Vuitton show and taking a multitude of mirror selfies, all of which Philipps dutifully posted on Instagram for Philliams (Willipps?) fans to enjoy.

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