amfAR Los Angeles 2017 - Arrivals

Busy Philipps arrives at amfAR Los Angeles 2017

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While Selena Gomez may lead the pack in terms of number of followers on Instagram, Busy Philipps, star of Freaks And Geeks, Dawson's Creek and Cougar Town, and best friend of Michelle Williams, is the reigning queen of the platform's "Stories" feature. Her candid tales of celebrity life, mom life, and general Busy-ness are charming, addictive and entertaining, like that time she and Michelle got drunk and dyed Michelle's hair.

Last month, [The New Yorker]( called Philipps Instagram Stories' "breakout star," and on Friday, October 13, she earned an even more covetable seal of approval: that of Julia Roberts.

The two stars ran into each other at the 2017 amfAR Gala in Beverly Hills, and Busy recounted the interaction to her followers. “You guys, I don’t even know how to explain to you what just happened to me on the red carpet of the amfAR gala except that Julia Roberts came up to me and told me she’s a fan of the Instagram stories," she said. Hey, you and the rest of America, Julia. Busy reacted about as calmly as anyone would expect, which is to say, not calmly at all. "You guys, Julia Roberts! I like couldn’t take it. I started shaking and laughing maniacally like a crazy person,” Philipps said, according to JustJared.

It's likely that this isn't the first time Roberts and Philipps have ever crossed paths. Hollywood's a small town, and Philipps is married to screenwriter Marc Silverstein, who wrote the story for Valentine's Day, in which Roberts appeared. So, there are connections between the two actresses. Still, this particular chat was especially blessed. “I cannot think of a better thing to have happen to me the night before my 20-year high school reunion than have Julia Roberts approach me on a red carpet and tell my she’s a huge fan. I won,” Philipps added.

In other words, Busy Philipps is officially the Julia Roberts of Instagram Stories.

Though, there is still one mystery left to the story: Roberts doesn't have a public verified account on Instagram. Does that mean she keeps a secret Instagram feed?

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