Every Delightful Cardi B Burn and Chirp From Her Jimmy Fallon Cohosting Cameo

From her comments about Trump’s butt implants gone wrong to her shutting Fallon down when he gets way too close to her baby bump.

Courtesy of The Tonight Show

On Monday night, Cardi B deigned to co-host The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, which was quite the risk for the usual host himself, especially as she stole Saturday Night Live over the weekend by at long last revealing her pregnancy. Joining Fallon in on the opening monologue—after he bowed to her—Cardi started things off by declaring she was “making history”: “I’m the first late-night cohost who’s not a white guy,” she said—a statement which Fallon could only agree to.

From there, in between promotion of her new name-dropping album Invasion of Privacy, things only got more real. Catch the highlights, including her comments about Donald Trump, here.

Teasing Trump’s “Butt Implants”

Cardi immediately wrinkled her nose at the mention of Trump in the monologue, predicting “he gon’ kill me” before launching into a series of on-point critiques when Fallon pulled up that photo of the president that went viral over the weekend because he looks so, well, lumpy. After erupting into snickers, comparing it to herself when she was trying to hide her baby bump and commenting that she “didn’t know Spanx made jackets.” (Start at 2:40 in the clip below.)

Unequivocally Beating Fallon at His Own Game

When it came time for one of Fallon’s regular segments, the game “Box of Lies,” in which each has to guess whether the other is lying about the mysterious contents inside their box, Cardi cracked such a series of jokes that Fallon had to leave the stage for a few seconds to recuperate. She also shuts Fallon down when he gets way too close to her baby bump, yelling that he’d like to be called Uncle Jimmy: “If I give birth here, I will sue you.”

Proving Network TV Too Boring By Teasing a Too Explicit Story

After informing guest John Mulaney that he looks “British… like the Pet Shop Boys,” Cardi goes on to reminisce about her prom night and how she ended up in someone else’s limo, before, for what might be the first time ever, censoring herself.(Start at 3:00 in the clip below to hear about [some] of her prom night.)

Recording the Ultimate Voicemail Box Message

After inviting a superfan named Angel to the stage and finding out some fun facts about him, Cardi precedes to give his voicemail a makeover. Start at 3:00 for her message saying he’s probably currently at the precinct with her:

Impeccably Explaining Her Catchphrases

Last December, Cardi famously left Fallon speechless when she punctuated their chat with her standard fare of strange noises. Here, he’s equally flabbergasted when they break down the various meanings and tones of some of her catchphrases like “okuuuuuuuurt!” which she described as being “like a cold pigeon in New York City.”

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