Cate Blanchett and Sarah Paulson’s Today Interview Was a Laugh Riot

Featuring Hoda Kotb cry-laughing.

Cate Blanchett Sits on Sarah Paulson
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Ocean’s 8 is not only one of our most anticipates films of the summer, but it’s also producing some of the best celebrity interviews in years. Last month, we got to see Sandra Bullock singing the praises of “penis facials” (not the technical term, but the name has stuck) to Ellen DeGeneres. This week, we get Cate Blanchett and Sarah Paulson engaging in some truly legendary banter that ends in one sitting on the other and Hoda Kotb cry-laughing.

The costars appeared on Today Tuesday morning to promote Ocean’s 8. But, as People noted, very little talk about things like filmmaking actually went on because the actresses were clearly in a giggly mood. Blanchett and Paulson kicked off the interview by doing a bit where they’d never heard of each other. “You guys clearly have a thing going on,” Kotb observed, to which Blanchett replied, “No, it’s over.” “It ended about an hour ago,” Paulson added, “just so you know. We’re having a hard time.”

And what a time it was. Blanchett and Paulson proceeded to roast each other’s outfits, moms, and Emmy/Oscar wins—all in good fun, of course. After collapsing in giggles, Kotb tried to get the interview back on track. “Did y’all just meet on the movie?” she asked. This answer started off normal, with Blanchett and Paulson replying that they’d met on the set of Carol, but it quickly devolved into even more joking around. “They thought we’d get on, they thought we would get along, but it was bad,” Blanchett said. “She was nominated for an Academy Award, which she did not win!” Paulson added. “She did not win that one, okay you guys? She didn’t win! This happens every time, out of the gate. She cries, she wears dresses, it was a whole thing, and she did not win.”

“What’s wrong with that Academy?” asked Blanchett.

This escalated until Kotb started cry-laughing. “Your mascara’s running,” Blanchett observed. “We are a funny group,” Paulson chimed in, before suggesting that everyone hold hands and cry together. Eventually, Savannah Guthrie joined the interview, and Blanchett made room for her by sitting on Paulson’s lap.

Watch the clip for yourself below.