7 Over-the-Top Celebrity Christmas Decorations

From Kylie Jenner to Busy Philipps, these are the celebrities who go above and beyond with the trimmings and trappings.

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Every Christmas, celebrities show us a peak inside of their holidays on Instagram, offering up insight into how they decorate their homes on Christmas and over the season. Plenty of people go for a tasteful tree with some lights, tinsel, and glass ornaments, while others use the holiday as an opportunity to experiment with wreaths and poinsettias. But many celebrities take it one step further, introducing 20-foot-tall trees spray painted gold into their living rooms, or taking the affair outdoors and getting those giant metal and glass reindeer to complete the look. Some turn out to be pretty garish, while others err on the tasteful side of Xmas spirit. In any case, celebrity holiday decorations can either serve as inspiration for your own holiday decor, or they can be a really good lesson in what not to put all over your tree. From Kylie Jenner to Busy Philipps, these are the celebrities who go above and beyond with the trimmings and trappings.

Steve Harvey

The Christmas tree in the Harvey household this year is huge, so huge. It’s also so blue, and surrounded by blue glass and metal bears that are reminiscent of Kris Jenner‘s iconic giant red polar bear from 2017. Outside, there are giant gold metallic reindeer (Dancer and Prancer, obviously) in between ornaments bigger than basketballs, and of course there’s an elf on the shelf inside watching over the grandkids. Who knew Steve Harvey was so into Christmas?

Bethenny Frankel

The Real Housewives of New York‘s Bethenny Frankel went “bubblegum” pink this year for her tree, which appears to be decorated with ornaments made to look like cupcakes, ice skates, and naturally, the letter B. There is truly no better backdrop for Skinnygirl sponcon than a bubblegum pink Christmas tree.

Kylie Jenner

Yes, the tree is very large, and almost hits the ceiling. But it’s also fully gold, which was apparently the theme she went for this year (and is a nice switch-up from last year‘s “snow-covered” tree with giant pink ornamental bulbs strewn about), and nothing says “self-made billionaire” like solid gold Christmas decor. These decorations could not have been completed without Jeff Leatham, obviously.

Donald and Melania Trump

What is there to say about the White House’s annual Christmas decorations ever since the Trumps took over? It’s as over-the-top and gaudy as the president himself, but at least it’s not as bone-chillingly haunting as those red trees that lined the halls in November.

The Smiths

Every year Will, Jada, Willow, Jaden, and Trey Smith go out of town for the Christmas holiday. This year, however, they’ve made an exception and decided to stay local, which means Jada decorated the entire Smith residence and Will is vlogging about it. They even added some fake snow to make things realistic since they’re celebrating in California this year instead of some luxury cabin in the woods. Holiday attire is required (and part of the decor, if you think about it).

Busy Philipps

The elves on the shelves watching Busy Philipps‘s kids don’t just sit there and watch overnight—they make hot cocoa, they go on beach days and read Elena Ferrante, and they attend stage productions of Wicked featuring the kids’s L.O.L Surprise! Dolls. If that’s not over-the-top, then what is?

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber/[Instagram Stories](

Justin Bieber/[Instagram Stories](

You’re not fully committed to Christmas unless you make your car look like a present. These Christmas decorations are technically from last year, but no one has been able to top Justin Bieber’s 2017 Christmasmobile, also known as a Mercedes truck fully wrapped (well, painted) like a gift from St. Nick himself. Sadly, this was not immortalized on Bieber’s main feed, but thankfully screenshots of his Instagram Stories live forever.

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