Photos Courtesy of Prada.

Dane DeHaan and Mia Goth are two of today's hottest rising stars in Hollywood. DeHaan came to fame in films like Lawless, Kill Your Darlings, and Life, and is now starring alongside Cara Delevingne in Luc Besson's Valerian, the most expensive film ever made in Europe. Goth, on the other hand, made her debut in Lars Von Trier's Nymphomaniac: Vol II and is set to have a role in this year's remake of Suspiria. Now, the duo have been cast as the faces of Prada's newest fragrances, L’Homme Prada Intense and La Femme Prada Intense. The set of fragrances may sound gendered, but they truly challenge the ideology behind gender stereotypes and embrace the harmony of gender fluidity. Both actors are excited to participate in a campaign that shows the industry's progress in this space. "I think it’s kind of reflective of the world we are living in and the way people are starting to look and understand human beings and gender in general," says DeHaan,"you see it a lot in fashion, there’s women walking the Prada Men’s fashion show, so it makes perfect sense that they brought this element into this campaign."

Goth agrees. "It’s quite exciting to be at the forefront," she says. "I think the world is kind of catching on that gender roles aren’t so necessary and becoming a lot less defined and starting to become a lot more about the individual and character of that person."

Photography by Kenneth Willardt Styled by Samantha Traina.

Here, the two unconventional beauties talk about how they think about health and wellness, and more:

Your look in three words: 

Mia: Fresh, natural, sometimes jazzy.

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Dane: Simple, fun, present.

Never leave the house without:

Mia: Get the mascara out, a little bit of concealer around the eyes, put your hair into a little bun, some lip balm and perfume and then you’re off.

Dane: Jeans, t-shirts and sneakers.

Photograph by Craig McDean. Styled by Max Pearmain.

Best-kept beauty and grooming secret:

Mia: Water. I think it starts within, keeping hydrated is really important for your skin.

Dane: Not washing my hair that much, I feel that my hair looks better when it’s dirty.

Beauty from the inside out:

Mia: I’ll take a multi-vitamin in the morning, I think that always helps.

Dane: I swear by greens. I try to eat something green with every meal, even if I am eating pizza, I’ll still try to eat something green.

Photography by Kenneth Willardt Styled by Samantha Traina.

Exercise obsession:

Mia: I like to run. I think it’s good, you can do it anywhere, you don’t a gym, I just think it’s really easy to do.

Dane: I really like working out. I like doing all different things, so moving in some way everyday whether that be going to the gym and doing a circuit, or going on a hike, and I do SoulCycle sometimes.

In-tub must read:

Mia: A magazine, something light and easy for the tub.

Dane: I’d probably be reading the newspaper, like the New York Times.

Photograph by Craig McDean. Styled by Max Pearmain.

Spa- cation:

Mia: I really wanted to go Russia, I’m really interested in Russian history so I’d like to go and put a face to what I’ve read.

Dane: I went to this spa one time in Whistler, Vancouver and it was a Scandinavian spa where you spend 15 minutes in a steam room and then you spend 30 seconds in an ice bath and then you take a 20 minute nap, and you keep doing that for as long for you want. I would go somewhere in Scandinavia to a real one and just do that all day long.