Diane Kruger Proudly Shows Off Her Abs Four Months After Giving Birth

She gave birth to her first child in November.

diane kruger
Photo by Rindoff/Charriau/Getty Images

Most new mothers can barely take a walk around the block within the first few weeks after giving birth — and understandably so, as they’ve just spent nine months creating and delivering a human child with only their bodies. Diane Kruger, then, must be some kind of superhuman, since she was able not only to return to the gym shortly after welcoming her daughter late last fall, but also to do so with enough regularity and intensity so as to redevelop abs within just a few weeks.

Over the weekend, the actress shared a photo on Instagram of said abs. In the caption to the picture, in which she’s taking a breather between sets, clad in a red bikini top and checkered sweatpants, Kruger proudly owned up to flaunting — as so many tabloids inevitably characterized her snapshot — her post-baby body. “Am I showing off ? Fuck yeah,” she wrote. “‘Cause it’s been hard work to get my abs back. I didn’t think it was possible after having a baby. And certainly not at my age,” she continued, thanking Hannah Bower, a fitness-focused Instagrammer and new mom, for the inspiration.

“I don’t have a trainer, but I’ve been committed to get my body back. For myself first….but also for my ? The female body is AMAZING,” Kruger added, using the ghost emoji to refer to either her spirit or her otherworldly newborn daughter(?). She also included a hashtagged disclaimer about her bold choice of workout top, noting that, wherever she currently is, it’s too hot to wear anything other than a bikini top to exercise, and also because “why not?”

Neither Kruger nor her partner Norman Reedus have shared many details about their daughter, who was born in early November. Earlier this year, however, Kruger did open up about her decision to start a family with Reedus, in an interview with Porter. “I didn’t think I wanted children for a long time. I was too selfish,” she said. “But by the time I got to about 35, I thought, yes, I probably do want one. But then you have to wait for the right person to come along.”

Another thing she’s changed her mind about? Marriage, which she previously said, after divorcing French actor and director Guillaume Canet, wouldn’t happen again until she was much older. “Never say never,” she told Porter. “I would have a party. I’d like to wear a nice dress. But I’m not religious, so that aspect of marriage doesn’t mean anything to me. There’s obviously a financial security that comes with marriage, but I’m financially independent — I don’t need anyone for that.”

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