Elizabeth Olsen and Aubrey Plaza Wore Identical Dresses to the Premiere of Their Movie Ingrid Goes West

Two of a kind.

Aubrey Plaza, Elizabeth Olsen
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Joke’s on us. Costars Aubrey Plaza and Elizabeth Olsen turned up to the premiere of their movie Ingrid Goes West wearing the same Marc Jacobs dress, but what at first glance may seem like a red carpet faux pas was in all likelihood just a good-natured style prank.

You see, the plot of *Ingrid Goes West* centers around an Instagram influencer (played by Olsen) and her scary digital stalker (Plaza), who moves out to Los Angeles and adopts a new look in order to befriend her idol.

The actresses certainly seemed to enjoy making us all see double. The two even opted to style their coordinating Marc Jacobs ensembles — Plaza’s featured gold sequined embellishment, while Olsen rocked silver — with identical black pumps and similar loose, side-parted locks. And as Instagram stars do, they both hammed it up for the cameras, posing together in a prom-like fashion and giggling at their own cleverness.

This also means Olsen is more game for a “twinning” style moment than her famous twin sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley.

JB Lacroix/Getty Images
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JB Lacroix/Getty Images

And all’s well that end’s well. Later in the evening, Olsen switched up her look in favor of a calf-length black sheath dress and coordinating jacket.

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