Elle Fanning has played a Star Trek super fan, a brooding boarding school student, and a punk alien, and now, she's going to be stepping into the shoes of one of history's most celebrated writers. On Thursday, the trailer for the upcoming Mary Shelley biopic dropped, and it shows Fanning slips into the role of the Frankenstein writer who basically invented the sci-fi genre.

In the trailer, which dropped first on People, we get a look behind the scenes of one of horror's most iconic monsters. The clip opens on 16-year-old Mary Shelley sitting in a graveyard and scribbling in her notebook. "It is a frustration, a constant whisper that I'm no closer to achieving my dreams," she says in a voice-over. We then jump to a party, where Mary catches the eye of a handsome young man. "Who's that?" Mary asks her friend Isabel Baxter (Game of Thrones's Maisie Williams), who identifies him as Percy Shelley (Noah's Douglas Booth). They meet, they hit it off, and then Percy leaves his first wife, Harriet (Ciara Charteris), to be with Mary. "I have a fire in my soul, and I will no longer allow you or anyone else to contain it," says Mary, as her friends and family appear to advise her not to get involved with Percy.

After that, Mary starts developing an obsession with reanimation, and one dark, stormy night in a castle with her husband and Lord Byron (Tom Sturridge), she starts writing what would later become Frankenstein. But for a woman in the 19th century, it's not that easy to become a professional author, and when she tries to get her story published, she has to deal with people thinking it was written by Percy instead. "It is my story!" she says to a publisher. "You dare question a woman's ability to experience loss, betrayal, death."

Although we all know what happens in the end, this dramatized version of Mary Shelley's life (affairs! anguish! patriarchy!) definitely seems like it has some twists and turns. Watch the full trailer below.

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