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Hollywood superstars' favorite place to find a date? It's not some exclusive app or L.A. hot spot. It's apparently Saturday Night Live. Ben Affleck is dating producer Lindsay Shookus. Olivia Wilde met her husband, former cast member Jason Sudeikis, at one of the show's legendary afterparties. Cazzie David met her boyfriend Pete Davidson when her dad hosted the show. Scarlett Johansson certainly had something going on with current Weekend Update anchor Colin Jost over the summer.

Now, if the rumors are to be believed, Emma Stone might be the latest to dip into the SNL dating pool. According to Page Six, she's been getting cozy with writer and segment director Dave McCary.

It's unclear exactly how long the pair have been an item, but Stone did host the show last December. McCary, by the way, was responsible for directing one of the most memorable sketches from Stone's episode (if not the whole season): "Wells For Boys."

Some time between Stone's stint as a patient mother to a sensitive little boy and, presumably June, when they were spotted together at the premier of McCary's indie flick Brigsby Bear, sparks flew even if the public wasn't aware. When Stone also showed up at an SNL afterparty earlier this month, many interpreted it at the time as a show of support for her frequent costar Ryan Gosling who happened to be hosting that night. Turns out, there might have been other reasons.

McCary, by the way, was a member of the L.A.-based sketch group Good Neighbors with Kyle Mooney and Beck Bennet and joined the show in 2014 when SNL producer Lorne Michaels basically hired the entire group.

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While Saturday Night Live may be having quite a current run when it comes to celebrity matchmaking, it certainly isn't without precedent. Elisabeth Moss met ex-husband Fred Armisen when her Mad Men co-star Jon Hamm hosted the show. Though, as Vanity Fair points out, it may have been none other than Carrie Fisher who started the trend. She hosted the show back in 1978 and met both Dan Ackroyd and musical guest Paul Simon during the week. She went on to date Ackroyd and later marry Simon.

It isn't lost on Cazzie David, either, how something about the show just seems to encourage romance.

"I met Pete when my dad hosted Saturday Night Live. SNL has literally set up so many couples," she told us earlier this month. "There are millions of couples that met at SNL. Well, not millions…I went earlier in the year when my dad was playing Bernie [Sanders], and I didn’t meet Pete then, but I was around. Then I met him when my dad was hosting, and I was very interested. I was definitely the one trying to make it happen."

Maybe one day will get the story of how exactly Stone and McCary struck up a romance. In the mean time though, maybe this means we can hope for a "Wells For Boys" sequel.

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