Zayn Malik Just Tweeted His Love at Gigi Hadid and We Have Questions

What is going on with these two?

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Crazy how a two-word (three, if you count the “@”) tweet from one celebrity to another could bring us to a place of such profound confusion, but that’s where we find ourselves on this March Saturday, puzzling over the existential question: What is going on with Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid?

Last we checked, Hadid was busy modeling and partying at Paris Fashion Week, and Malik was promoting his latest album, Icarus Falls (and also posting hella selfies on Instagram). As for their on-again, off-again relationship, they had split toward the end of 2018, although they were putting “no label” on their relationship status.

But today, at exactly 9:08 a.m., Malik tweeted “@GiGiHadid love you,” so who even knows?! It’s interesting (well, relatively) that he didn’t put the usual period before Hadid’s handle, so only Twitter users who follow both of them would initially see the message. This seems like the kind of thing he could have DM’d her, or, um, texted her? Come with us on a conspiracy journey for a moment: Maybe they had a blow-up fight, Hadid blocked Malik’s number from her texts and his Instagram and Twitter accounts from her messages, and this is literally the only way he can get in touch with her. More likely, he just got stoned and played around on his phone, but speculating is fun, no?

The fans, naturally, are freaking out, trying to decipher what this tweet means, if anything. Unrequited longing? An unknown reunion? A deep and abiding friendship?

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time Malik has used Twitter to express what’s in his heart. A couple of weeks ago, he tweeted, “.@SeabrookCrisps bring back your tomato ketchup flavor, you know Yorkshire makes the best crisps ??.” Maybe he’s trying to put the changes he wishes to see in the world out there, you know? He will bring back his favorite crisps, reunite with his ex-girlfriend, and probably run for president some day.

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