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The name, those jade vagina eggs, the $15,000 gold sex toys. Gwyneth Paltrow's luxury wellness brand, goop, has been routinely mocked for an ostensible lack of chill ever since its inception. But late last night, the celebrity/life coach proved that not only is goop invincible, but that she is far more self-aware than people like to admit. And she did it as only Paltrow can: by crashing comedian James Corden's rant about her brand and then convincing him to do a vaginal steam in front of a live studio audience.

The 39-year-old British comic opened CBS' The Late Late Show with a bit about the inaugural issue of Paltrow's goop magazine, which launched last Friday in tandem with Condé Nast (the parent company of W). Certain details—from the self-deprecating Earth to Gwyneth title to the cover shoot of Paltrow literally dragging herself through the mud—should have indicated that it contained at least a soupçon of irony, but Corden took aim nonetheless: "For those of you who don't know, a magazine is where you print out the internet and then you trick people into buying it," the comedian (who, incidentally is on the cover of this magazine this month) said. "The cover features Gwyneth Paltrow lying down in mud. Look at that! Wow! I can't believe Gwyneth Paltrow beat out the competition to be on the cover of the new Gwyneth Paltrow magazine. She's covered in thick, brown liquid."

He continued by making an extremely subtle allusion to human excrement, Photoshopping the title to reflect as such.

Corden continued his litany of smack-downs as an amused Paltrow emerged from behind the curtain, inciting a round of cheers that the comic assumed were for him. When she finally had enough of his unfounded slander, she coughed very loudly (as one does), prompting Corden to squeak.

But the comedian stood his ground and maintained that "we were all thinking it," which Paltrow countered by asserting that "a lot of people" take goop's advice. Corden challenged her to name just one, to which she responded by naming three—who just happened to be members of Corden's crew. These goop aficionados then proceeded to sing the praises of Paltrow's lifestyle advice while disparaging his comedic abilities (one while shirtless and in the midst of Chinese cupping therapy).

Corden finally gave in and asked Paltrow whether she had any advice for a tiny issue he had in his nether regions.

She did: a vaginal steam.

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