Intel - Gliteratti - November 2017 - Beauty

Heather Kemesky wears a Paco Rabanne shirt; Ventrone Chronicles earrings; model’s own nose ring. Beauty note: Color outside the lines with Maybelline the City Mini Eyeshadow Palette in Graffiti Pop.

Photograph by Richard Burbridge, Manicure by Naomi Yasuda, Makeup by Francelle Daly

At 5'9", Heather Kemesky towers over the average American woman. But when heading to castings in the early days of her career, the model was told that her height was not enough to land her spots on the runway. "When I started at 14, I was always told I was too short for shows," she said. "I said one day I will do a show…watch me!" A decade later, Kemesky is now a regular at Paris Fashion Week. "I signed with DNA Models two years ago, and met with [casting director] Ashley Brokaw," she said of her career highlights. "Having her and Nicolas Ghesquière put me in Louis Vuitton show exclusively for my first show ever was pretty extraordinary." Kemesky once again walked the Louis Vuitton show for Spring 2018 just last month. "The collection was the most beautiful to me," she said. "It felt inspired by The Lost Boys, with the runway in that dungeon-like feeling area of the Louvre." Here, the model talks about her style inspirations, her Halloween obsession, and more.

What are three words that describe your personal style?
Timeless , tomboyish, and simple-unique-ish?

What is your daily uniform?
It really depends what I’m doing, but a pair of black pants, or some kind of looser trouser, black boots, and a simple shirt is my go-to. I prefer layers if it’s cold enough, and like to layer my jewelry, too, which is contingent upon the weather .

Who do you look to for style inspiration?
I usually go for an '80s rock star. Or a pirate.

What’s your favorite piece in your closet right now?
I’m forever dedicated to my boots, which are often Louis Vuitton.

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What was your last purchase?
It’s my birthday month, so I have spoiled myself and bought a very cool Polaroid camera, along with a bib necklace made of bronze bells and African beads, which are all wrapped and knotted together.

What’s your favorite song to play while getting dressed for a night out?
I like to put on David Bowie's "Golden Years."

Where’s your favorite place to shop?
I like to find random treasures all over the place. From Metropolis' vintage band tees to a visit to Barneys for other things, I find myself going to myriad stores all around the world.

What’s something you would never wear?
An itchy sweater. Or a tiny sock that falls below your heel in your shoe.

What music are you currently obsessed with?
I’m really into Halloween, so my month of October is all sorts and kinds of Halloween soundtracks or Halloween-ish spooky music. That’s my obsession for this month!

What TV show are you currently obsessed with?
Game of Thrones. I love that period and the wardrobe and the magical dragons. Of course.

What was the last thing you Googled?
Inspiration for pumpkin carving

Who is your favorite person to follow on Instagram?
Some of my favorites are @WorldAnimalNews, because animals are a passion of mine, so I like to keep up with stories and the news about what’s happening to them all over the planet; @LetsCookVegan for some daily friendly food inspiration, which is just one of a million food Instagrams I follow; and @InfiniteWaters, where Ralph Smart gives some daily calm and feel good quotes. And of course my babe, [model] Erika Linder, my greatest inspiration. And Cameron Russell because she’s the greatest influencer.

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