Twenty seventeen is now just another small marker of the past. Let it stay there. And while Mercury is out of retrograde, until the evening of March 22, invest your energy into action more than contemplation. The first three months of this year hold a vast ability for change. Those who put themselves out there and experiment will be rewarded, even if at first that reward isn’t obvious. Darkness is something that’s always there, and mostly prevalent, in the universe. Don’t take 2017 as some all-telling, foreshadowing sign—it has little or everything to do with the future. That’s up to you. Happy new year from us, your poets and eternal optimists.


Twenty seventeen was better than you expected, because let’s face it, you either tend to not always expect a lot out of life or you simultaneously expect the world from every person and situation. You came into this past year feeling rather rough and 2017 just kept delivering with surprises and good things. Some of those things changed your life in ways that you can’t exactly ever return from. Even though these were intrinsically good things, this has been pretty unsettling for you and brought you some anxious thoughts. It’s true that life changes every day, for everyone, and we can’t ever go back to yesterday. Try to keep this in mind as you move forward. Twenty eighteen won’t be like 2017 in what it gives you, but it will give you gifts, too. Things with your career will continue to move forward, propelled by the immense effort you are putting into your work and the ethics of industry that has been moving you into action. You may have a few exciting flirtations in the love realm in the next year, too, which will give you a little heat and energy. But the biggest gift the new year will bring you is the gift of insight. You will see so many things clearly now: Your friends, your finances, your place in your own personal world. You will see many ways you want to be in the distant future and 2018 will give you openings to be new in the ways you need. Do not get nervous that you’ll miss these openings. They will find you, as the future finds us all, and brings us to the path we were meant to travel in this life and beyond.


Not so surprisingly, you’ve endured this past year better than a lot of people you know. Your tenacity will always help you, as will your ability to put your head down and work. And that’s what you’re going to have to do in 2018. It may not sound glamorous, but it’s necessary. You may find yourself in a new job or within several new projects at work that really test your knowledge. It’s hard for you to embrace the new when it has anything to do with labor, but trust us, this will pay off. Immerse yourself fully in your career this year. That will be the key turning other doors you’re thinking about—like love, money and travel. There will of course be people who try to stand in your way. The past, though it will never happen again, is always there a text away. Mostly, however, it will be yourself you’re battling. Trust your Taurus instincts and have as many quiet nights in (without feeling guilty) as you need. All your intellectual power will be needed this coming year. You’ll also be the friend who’s called upon in times of crisis and as always, your deep empathy and practicality will show. We recommend adding something like a book club to your already busy life. Or anything that gets the philosophical engines in your mind firing.


“Back in the Lime Light.”. Amber Valletta photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, styled by Edward Enninful for W Magazine September 2015.

Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott


In so many ways, 2017 was a birth year for you. This birth may have manifested itself as an ending and a subsequent new beginning. You may have ended a job or position, or a relationship, and for a while this brought your spirits down as if all possibility were lost forever. But most likely, Gemini, you began something in 2017 that will engender a creative masterpiece and the work of it will continue into the new year. This would be a good thing for anyone obviously, but it is especially good for you. For the past few years, you have been feeling at a standstill creatively and this new burst of spring vibes, even in the ongoing dead of winter, will be welcomed by you. In addition to all of this newness, the theme of 2018 will be about sharing. Sharing is a new thing for you. Of course, you are very generous by nature. You’ve never been one not to impulsively get a gift for someone you like, or to give someone the shirt off your back, quite literally. But 2018 will make you consider how generosity is both like and dissimilar to sharing. How very different it is to let another person take something that is deeply felt in your possession versus giving something that actually means very little to you. This is a hard feeling for you to even think about, as you can be quite possessive once you feel something is actually yours. But you’ll feel great in 2018 if you learn to master control over this instinct and to see us all in life together, sharing everything. A year from today, you will feel happiness, be giving and free.


This past year you’ve questioned many people in your life and what purpose they serve. You’ve also questioned yourself in relation to those friendships. It may be impossible to imagine but all this introspective work will actually lead you toward meeting one person who will change the path you’re on entirely this year. It may be a love interest but it could also be a new, soon to be close friend who knows something about your future and where you’re going. Trust people in 2018. This goes against so much of what we’re seeing in our culture right now, but it’s important. A few very strange angels will help you this year when you least expect it. There will be some detours career-wise that you can’t possibly prepare for. You may also flirt with moving, whether from the city where you live or the home you’re currently in. Let your trust in people make these transitions easier. Toward the end of 2018 you will begin to see things very clearly and as a result your relationships with others will deepen. There won’t just be one “aha” moment this year, there will be many. Just remember that the prize doesn’t always come right after moments like that. Time is long. Light takes a long time to travel back to us.


Twenty seventeen brought some big changes for you, especially in terms of career. What you worked and fretted over for years finally came to fruition and this produced an enormous pay-off. This doesn’t have to mean money, but it could. Twenty eighteen will have a similar energy, in that you will still see rewards of your accomplishments coming your way. This year will have an even more grounded force to these manifestations of your success, as they will not just be trinkets to show off, but foundations which will continue to grow as the next years come toward you. One thing to master in 2018 is to learn how sometimes it is best to hold your tongue, in order to get what you really want. This is not to say you aren’t very diplomatic or good at adapting to others’ needs and acting accordingly. But there’s the operative word—acting. Once the curtains are down and the scene is over, you can be quite ferocious in demanding what you want and deserve. This is a wonderful thing, as you are a fierce advocate for yourself and others. But again, in order to get what you want long-term and to avoid miscommunication, you’ll need to not always jump and fight, but listen more. This is important because 2018 will bring you many good things, but it will also bring opportunities for mishearing things. So, this new year, when in doubt, take a moment to assess and re-see—we promise this will bring you boundless luck.


Back in the Lime Light.” Joan Smalls photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, styled by Edward Enninful for W Magazine, September 2015.

Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott


We’ll be blunt: 2017 was a year when you crossed many things off your list but it was also a year of missed opportunities in terms of things one can’t cross off a list. You know what we’re talking about. The energy you need to bring with you into 2018 is that of surprise and experiment. Two things that are hard for you to handle. Two things that you could have used more of in 2017. This next year could be like any other—your career will continue incrementally moving forward, your friendships will still be there—but don’t you want to really become yourself and risk something? There will be opportunities for you to radically change your life and live closer to your dream this year. It could be the dream that keeps you up at night, what you’ve always wanted to do. Or the dream of being with that one person you still think about, coming toward you as a new person but asking you to battle the same demons of the past. You’re steady, Virgo. We know that. But steady is not what 2018 is about. This coming year will reward surprise. You can benefit tremendously from this because for you putting yourself out there still includes a level of practicality that other signs don’t account for. Jump. Do something different. The same road leads to the same things.


This past year was hard for you in many ways, as you had to come to terms with old patterns of living that needed to be changed in order for you to move forward with your life. As much as you are an agent for change and new beginnings as a cardinal sign, you can get into quite a rut if you let yourself. Part of this is due to your (in)famous quality—indecision. It really is true that you have a very hard time making choices and knowing what path is best. This is sometimes because you have a tendency to listen well to others and can see all of the perspectives about a situation at once. This makes choosing quite impossible and why you can sometimes let a decision pass and stay in places for too long a time. But in 2017, you made a leap and it feels new and incredible. 2018 will give you more opportunities to appreciate what a great change you’ve made and to see how it will continue to influence your life for the better. In fact, every day will start to feel new in ways they haven’t been in years. Give yourself some space to appreciate how far you’ve come, to relax and bask in your own glory. From this place, you will re-center yourself as a leader and start to plant the seeds of something important that will bring you energy for many years to come.


There were many opportunities for you to fall apart this year. And at times it felt like you even wanted to take them, but you didn’t. Your deeply intuitive nature saved you. This difficult year has already taught you so much of what you need to bring into 2018 with you. Of course there is everything we need to leave behind, but you’re actually coming into this year with more momentum than you realize. Love will continue to be a mystery in 2018, even if you’re in it. That’s a good thing. Trust that mystery. You’ll be inclined to travel and something about being away will make you reevaluate your career right now. It may be a subtle realization or it may be big, but career is what will shift for you in 2018. Our advice is to emotionally and creatively take care of yourself before running to other people to take care of you. It’s a lesson you began learning in 2017 but you’ll really need to utilize that knowledge in this coming year. It’s also a year to be brave and forget about old hurts. Of all the signs, you have an incredible ability to reinvent yourself. You would go down any road. Start thinking about several you’ve wanted to explore but haven’t out of fear. There is a lot of luck ahead.


We know how much you love to travel and 2017 brought you many opportunities to do so. And when it didn’t, you took it upon yourself to make some, as there is nothing more sad than a Sagittarius who feels they must stay in one place for too long. Travel isn’t just meant literally, as this past year gave you opportunities to stretch yourself intellectually and to visit many new spaces within your imagination. The start of 2018 will have you feeling at the top of your game. This confidence will continue throughout the year, but along with it will come some frustrations, reminding you that all ecstatic happiness is balanced with the banal. 2017 brought a big change in the career realm. A lesson this year will be about how to make the boring magical. You have a knack for this already when it comes to helping others, as you are the first person to entertain your friend while they do laundry or your partner while doing dishes. But 2018 will ask you to do these things for yourself this time—to learn to cope with the horrible monotony of life with grace—and to keep your spirits up and be productive throughout all the next 12 months.


This coming year is one where you’ll make a major decision with respect to love. It may be ending something big or committing yourself to something equally grand and important. Take a deep breath. In matters of love, being rational (which you are good at) isn’t always what’s rewarded. In fact, sometimes it really dulls things. But there is a fire beginning in you and it’s going to take you closer to the truth when it comes to love. That truth may take an entire year to play out, but you will be changed by the end of it. Your friendships may need extra care this year as you go through this romantic transformation. And while slow, everything with your career is going in the right direction. It may be a few years before you see that big green light you’ve been waiting for. But it’s coming too. This is a year where passion will win. At times, that’s a hard word and concept for you. Unless you apply it to work, of course. But, truly, try applying it to people this year, and people will love you in return.


Twenty seventeen was a time of readjustment for you. It’s not so much that it was a time of change as you’ve been in a period of transition for the past few years. Being a fixed sign, you have a tendency to need long periods to shift your perspective and 2017 was the time for this. You needed to keep things on the surface level for many of your personal interactions and this made the year pass much easier for you. As you do, you accumulated more friends and acquaintances and made all kinds of connections—some of which will bring you love and luck in 2018. Speaking of that word—love—there is much to say. If 2017 was the year of the eye for you, then 2018 is going to the year of the heart. For the next 12 months, you will have an abundance of love prospects and you’ll engage with many of them. If 2018 finds you settling down with someone or continuing in a long-term relationship (or relationships), these partnerships will be marked with a multilayered energy, like a novel, bringing you excitement, new ideas, and lust. The challenge will be communication. As much as you are an excellent communicator in all areas, emotional communication is not exactly your strong suit. In 2018, you will need to push past these hang-ups and learn to tell the people who matter to you just how much they do.


Do you trust your melancholy now that it got you through 2017? Yes, you must admit that even your own sadness has a power. The good news is that this next year is not the year of sadness. You may feel pressured to make a big decision regarding love. A few other signs are also in your shoes in this department, but for you, we really need you to slow down and put the breaks on a little more than you’re used to. The word forever sounds nice but what does it even mean? Twenty eighteen is a year of kicking things into high gear in your career. Put all of your energy there. You will make several new and true friendships this way, and you’ll deepen others. The first three months of the year are key for you. Immerse yourself in reading, taking walks to clear your head, and tending to your inner life. By the time spring comes you’ll know the answer to the love question. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your friends more than you have. They will surprise you this year. They see exactly what you’re musing on and have for a while.

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