Iris Apatow, Judd Apatow’s Animal-Loving Teen Daughter, Is Not Afraid to Tease Her Dad on Instagram

The up-and-coming actress, who’s starred in Netflix’s Love and has been collaborating with Stranger Things‘ Finn Wolfhard, is already making a name for herself at 14.

Courtesy of @irisapatow

Though she’s now of age to use her Twitter account, whose to-the-point bio strictly enforces that “Iris will not be tweeting until she is 11,” now 14-year-old Iris Apatow has preferred to stick to Instagram, where she’s quickly catching up to her sister Maude’s follower count, with more than 65,000 all to herself.

That’s not just because Apatow, who made her acting debut at age 10 in Knocked Up, and has since shown up in films like Funny People and This Is 40, made a star turn this past year in Netflix’s Love as the delightfully bratty tween Aria: If you couldn’t tell by the producer of all of those films— and her last name—her father is Judd Apatow, and she’s definitely picked up the family gene of being funny. (It also definitely doesn’t hurt that her, mother, whom she also happens to be the spitting image of, is the comedian Leslie Mann.)

Leslie Mann, Judd Apatow and Iris Apatow at the Sundance Film Festival premiere of *The Big Sick*, January 2017.

C Flanigan/Getty Images

Apatow didn’t always have it so easy: As she readily admits on Instagram, she was once a white girl with unfortunate cornrows and a penchant for Chicken & Waffles-flavored Lay’s chips. She still has a taste for unusual snacks—rainbow bagels, anyone?—and has stayed humble by preferring to hang with animals above all, but her crew of hedgehogs and owls these days has also lately been joined by Paul Rust, Chance the Rapper, and the Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard.

Just like Wolfhard, Apatow proved she’s growing up this month when she starred in Wolfhard’s self-directed music video—and even kissed the teen heartthrob, too. Other than getting to mack on one of the internet’s nascent boyfriends, though, Apatow is still chill as ever: she appreciates a good meme—though they’re admittedly sometimes middle school-themed; loves Destiny’s Child; and more than anything, loves to embarrass her parents.

The latter may seem rare for a celebrity scion—and particularly when her dad actually enlisted her help to craft her role on Love so that it would be a “fun job“—but like a true comedian, Apatow is keeping the competition fierce. Get a look at her Instagram increasingly ready to rival her older sister Maude’s, here.

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