James Franco might want to consider pitching a HGTV series where he teaches us how to flip houses for twice the price, because he just nearly doubled the value of his two-bedroom Silver Lake home. When Franco purchased the hillside compound, it was listed at just under $700,000. The actor purchased the home for $775,000 and recently sold it for $1.35 million, according to Women’s Wear Daily.

Silver Lake is known for its unconventional vibe, in terms of its residents and their residencies, but there appear to be no outrageous decorations or eccentric accent pieces in the home formerly belonging to Franco, and perhaps that's because he allegedly never really lived there in the first place. According to Curbed, ever since Franco bought the home in 2013 he has made his neighbors’ lives very difficult, with one neighbor alleging that Franco provided the house to his production company for film shoots.

While production trucks and hair and makeup chairs filled the driveways, the neighbor claimed, “Crowds of people constantly stream in and out of the house and have business meetings in front of OUR house and treat us as if we are eavesdropping sycophants when we walk out our gate to our car.” The neighbor signed off on his email to the real estate publication by saying, “We like James Franco and we like some of his movies, but we're not so enamored of his presence that we are willing to give up our sanity in our own home.” The neighbors might be happy to hear of Franco's departure from the area, but it remains to be seen if the house will become a home for another Hollywood eccentric.

The house exhibits some small quirks—from the the home’s Spanish roof to its cute back patio—but in general the decor is rather tame, which seems very unlike the enigmatic James Franco. The most fascinating aspect of the home is its eclectic list of owners before Franco took over the abode.

The house was also owned by Janie Bryant, the costume designer for Mad Men who sold her Spanish-style house to Franco, and Princess Tatiana von Fürstenberg, the eccentric artist and filmmaker. Curbed also reports that D.W. Griffith—the American filmmaker who directed the controversial silent film Birth of a Nation—allegedly built the home in the 1920s.

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