Wherever you were and however you felt in 2018—it’s over. And though time certainly isn’t linear, much of it feels entirely new even as it resurfaces. Twenty-nineteen, the first glimpse of which you can find in your January horoscope, will be a year where many things resurface. Only this time, you’ll see them in a different light and at different times of day. You’ll see them for what they are. In this way, the new will appear. This is a year about perspective and resolve. And resolve is what the new moon on January 6 is here to teach us. It’s in Capricorn, of course. The full moon in Leo on January 21 will bring an energy of lust and confidence for all that’s ahead. Don’t look back.

Yours in the stars and on Earth,
The Astro Poets


This year will be a surprise for you. Your career will take an unexpected turn and offer you an opportunity to relocate. You may or may not take it, but think on it deeply. There’s an important part of your happiness that you’ve been suppressing for a long time now—something you’ve told few people about since you think few can help you. Many situations will arise in the coming months for you to share more of who you really are, for you to reveal your true nature. As spontaneous as you can be, and as much energy as you put into things at their beginnings, you have a tendency to forget how much is possible when you get into a routine. Twenty-nineteen has many possibilities, but you’ll have to want them. You’ll have to decide that the real you, the one you know is there, will finally step up.


You’ll start the new year with a sense of productive change and a renewed motivation to accomplish more. You are, of course, the kind of person who thrives on stability, and you will seek to make sure that things within your domestic and professional spheres are exceptionally secure in January. You're willing to invest a lot to keep this stability, and you can expect to invest more emotionally, spiritually, and even financially in order to make this happen. Financial investment comes easiest for you, especially if it’s for a good cause. However, you'll find it harder to invest emotions in things until you know that the turbulent times are over, and you'll continue to struggle to really give yourself over to what still may seem like new relationships. Just remember that an air of pure love is washing over you this month, so when you put your heart all-in, you can be certain it will be met with compassion in return.


Of all the air signs, you’re the biggest optimist. Even though 2018 wasn’t the easiest year—testing major friendships, making you think about money more than you thought you would—you’re coming into January expecting a lot. And you should. This year, you’ll learn more about how to put up with resistance. You’ll more than survive. This feels like an awful thing to learn while it’s happening, but ultimately, it's useful. Your magnetism and charm are two things that will create a lot of opportunities for you at work. Don’t forget how stunning you are to people even when you’re down. There’s a playful, childish quality about everything you do, and it reminds people of what’s possible. You have to be that reminder for yourself this year. You have to start, in very small ways, to remember that time is long.


Twenty-nineteen will be a year of growth for you, both in terms of your career and family. You will seek to steadily squirrel away resources to save for a rainy day and to protect yourself. This is such a good instinct, as you're able to plan for the future in ways many people are unable to do. Still, it can be offset by a tendency to indulge in overspending sometimes, a release from the tension of saving too much. This is the tension that also exists when you try to be the ultimate friend and lover. While that is what you are most of the time, you can act out unexpectedly and do things you shouldn’t in moments of wild abandon. These two modes are at odds, obviously, and they will continue to be, especially towards the beginning of the year. To have a steadier year, try to reconcile these opposites. The good news is that the universe will be sending you fertile energy to make things happen, so take advantage of this lucky streak.


If you’ve felt trapped in 2018, you won’t in 2019. Trapped in the sense that you know there’s more you can do, but various personal and professional obligations have held you back from your true ambitions. This new year is a return to those ambitions and to your very healthy Leo resolve. When you decide to do something, you do it. There haven’t been as many yes people as you’ve needed around. This has been difficult for you, as you thrive on encouragement more than any other sign. Learning to say yes to yourself, without applause, is important. It’s small and it’s daily. It’s a very big lesson you’ll learn at the start of this year. Don’t forget that there are people who would risk anything for you, and that to achieve your biggest ambitions, you have to risk everything for yourself, too. There's a green door. Walk through it.


This year is starting off with a bang. Unforeseen opportunities in love will start to flourish. In 2018, love felt like something to endure along one hard path, whereas in 2019, love will feel like a tree with many flowering branches. You should continue along the path you are on for much of January, doing what you do best, which is devotedly staying the course, all the while being open in your own way to new opportunities. An air of spiritual growth is washing over you, as deep-seated messages from the future are guiding you to tell you how to overcome all of the burdens that have locked you in the past year. As far as career goes, this spiritual growth will help you see what your true path is, long-term. It may not be exactly what you dreamed it to be in 2019, but it’s sure to be true. By this time next year, you will be happier in ways you could only have dreamed of.


You hate admitting when you feel settled because, as much as you yearn for it, you hate to feel settled. Yes to harmony and yes to style. But what you really want out of this year is real passion and overwhelming love. That’s hard for you to admit. You’re too prepared to be disappointed and too concerned with what’s practical when it comes to love. Well, nothing is—and if you haven’t learned that by now, you will this year. You’ll also be surprised by who you fall in love with, because they may not be someone so new. Buy a small vase for yourself and keep it on your desk the entire month, with or without flowers. Remind yourself that it’s important to look at whatever is there. It’s the only way you’ll see what’s to come.


This year will feel like you’ve turned over a new leaf. What once felt like a sea of burdens will now feel like a space in which to exist, thanks in part to the loyal friends and lovers who've given a lot of themselves for you to thrive. Twenty-nineteen will still carry over manners of your past. You long for intensity that cannot exist in the space of the everyday, and this is something you may need to reconcile in order to continue to grow emotionally and spiritually. Perhaps you need to spend even more time with loved ones, as their stable energies can quell your anxious feelings and give you the heart you need for new ideas. Doing so will also give you some much needed momentum. Your life is a speeding train. Just remember to get in the right seat and always look ahead.


One of the things you're good at is knowing who has your best interest in mind. It’s not any kind of science—it’s an instinct at your core, and one of your best. So many people have disappointed you in the last two years. You don’t need to let them know that. You can just leave them behind, but slowly, in 2019. You’re not a sign that likes to do things slow, but you better learn—not in terms of your work and projects, but in terms of how you deal with people. Be more strategic this year. Don’t expect people to read your mind and don’t pour out everything in yours all the time either. This year, think like an earth sign. There is a huge fire behind all that practicality, and in order to reach it, you may have to jump through some hoops that feel maybe too easy, too dull. Stay the course. There is so much light coming your way.


Twenty-nineteen will bring you good energy, as you move into a space where your career can flourish in ways you've been building toward for years. You're a very good planner, and January will give you opportunities to build bridges that will have an effect on your career for many months ahead. It will also bring you an opportunity to close the door on something that has been nagging you. A final agreement or decision will mean that you are fully free of some turmoil. As for love, you'll continue to find happiness in ways you did last year, in whatever kind of relationship or singledom you’ve been enjoying. Someone in your career sphere may have their eyes on you and you'll need to decide if it's worth pursuing. There will be many supportive forces helping you make the right decision, and chances are, that decision will be to walk away eventually. Keep focused on your long-term career ambitions and you’ll start the year off right.


You’re a sign that lives for the future. You are its electric blue current. But this year will be anything but blue. After the personal chaos of 2018, somewhere toward the middle of this new year you’ll find equilibrium. You may start off 2019 a little rough and bruised, but your inner creativity and idealism will keep you going. Being more open with people will serve you this year. This is very hard for you. Not necessarily in long-term romance, but more so in friendships. You hate depending on anyone, but you’ll have to adjust your idea of what dependence is. You’ll also have to make time for yourself and your personal ambitions. Routines can be helpful, but they can also dull passion. And passion is what you want to work toward this year. To feel like the people around you, and the world, too, are conspiring to help you with the hardest questions.


The past year was one that brought you great dividends, both personally and financially. Twenty-nineteen will continue to bring you this kind of positive energy. In January, you’ll be aware of layers of consciousness that other signs miss. You’ll use this awareness to your advantage in all types of relationships. In terms of love, you’ll feel secure and also searching for more types of intimacies than your current relationship can support. You may seek out old loves to renew your definition of passion. This is a good thing, but be careful that you don’t let yourself get deeper than you can handle. Remember that intensity is a quality best served in doses—especially for you. Use the electricity of the new year to decide exactly what you want. The comforting arms of the universe will help you get it.

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