If January Jones can’t even swing a reservation at Pump, then who can? This week, the Mad Men star sat down with Yahoo! Lifestyle to talk her Vanderpump Rules obsession, and in the interview, she revealed that she had tried and failed to secure her birthday party at Lisa Vanderpump’s iconic restaurant.

“I had my 40th birthday this year and I called Pump to try to do my party there,” she told Yahoo! Lifestyle. “No one called me back. My publicist called. My best friend called. We called and called and called and called. It was over the holidays, but still. No one responded.” While this seems like an understandable mix-up, the actress made it clear that she hadn’t just left a bunch of voicemails. “One time I called, I got a girl and she’s like: ‘We’ll call you back.’ Nothing. I called back again, no response,” Jones said, adding that she even texted Bravo's Andy Cohen for the general manager's number, to no avail.

Undeterred, she decided to waltz in and let them know who’s boss. “Around New Year’s, I was going out to dinner and I said: ‘You know what, I’m going into Pump,’” Jones told Yahoo! Lifestyle. “I walked in there and I was like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. I was like, ‘Tried to call ya. Guess what: I’m not having my birthday party here. Big mistake. Big. Huge.’”

“They were like, ‘What? I’m so sorry. OMG. We can arrange it.’ I said: ‘Too late. Already having it at a different venue.’ So I was, like, peeved at them,” she added.

But the story does have a semi-happy ending. According to Yahoo! Lifestyle, Jones and Pump agreed that the restaurant would throw her a half-birthday in July for free. Now this is the reality TV show drama we crave.

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