Aspen used to loom large as the A-List's choice ski-town destination for New Year's Eve, but this year the most notable thing that happened there was vlogger Cameron Dallas's arrest. If you wanted to be around the actual VVIP, apparently you could do much worse than Jackson Hole, Wyoming, the valley town of about 10,000 so casually filled with celebrities that Jennifer Aniston reportedly bumped into Sandra Bullock on a dance floor, completely unplanned, and reportedly boogied out (no doubt both celebrating their recent successes on Netflix).

According to E! News, Aniston had been in town since a few days before Christmas and brought friends Jimmy Kimmel and Jason Bateman (and their wives and family, of course) along.

"The group all spent time together skiing during the day and hanging out at night," a source told the site. "Jen hit the ski slopes with Jason and some other friends and she held her own. She was having a lot of fun."

As for Bullock, she's actually a part-time resident of the area. She reportedly has had a "log cabin" there for years on a property that has been described variously as just five acres and an entire "wilderness estate" (seems privacy may be one of the allures of Jackson Hole).

Though the area isn't exactly new to its time in the spotlight as a place where celebs actually go to step out of the spotlight (Harrison Ford has also been a long-time part-time resident; Pippa Middleton has been spotted there)—and undoubtedly Wyoming's lack of a state income tax has made it a magnet for the rich and famous)—Bullock and Aniston's dance floor meet-up caps off a year in which the town was even more in the gossip pages than usual.

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After all, Kanye West famously holed himself off in a ranch in Jackson Hole to record his album Ye and then flew in hundreds of journalists, influencers, and fellow celebs to attend the release party. It's also where West spent his fourth anniversary with wife Kim Kardashian, a trip during which Kardashian took to Instagram stories to chronicle the many goats she saw on the side of the town's road (incidentally, if not somewhat ironically, Kim, Kanye, and many of the rest of the Kardashians spent part of their own holidays in Aspen, where various sisters posed in the snow in bikinis).

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