Diplo Doesn’t Think He “Ruined” Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s Wedding

A complete recap of everything that happened because Diplo livestreamed a wedding.

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The fallout from Diplo’s purportedly spontaneous decision to livestream Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s Las Vegas chapel wedding continues apace. While Sophie Turner phoned her mother minutes before walking down the aisle to give her a heads up that she was about to tie the knot, Joe Jonas’s mother found out…via that Diplo livestream.

“The Internet told them!” Jonas told Graham Norton in an interview this week, when asked if his parents had known about their prewedding wedding (the two are still planning a larger ceremony in France). “I’m still trying to make it better.” (This is all according to the Daily Mail; the episode of the Graham Norton Show is slated to air Friday night.)

One thing he’s not trying to make better, though: his relationship with his de facto wedding cinematographer, who took some artistic license in adding dog filters to his livestream of the wedding. “Diplo ruined it for you,” an interviewer with the radio show Capital Breakfast said to Jonas. “Yeah, he ruined it,” Jonas agreed. (Actually, this mostly sounds like a joke, considering the interviewer practically fed Jonas the line.) “I love Diplo, but he loves his ’gram more than a 13-year-old. He posts every five seconds.”

“We just laughed. We loved it. We thought it was ridiculous,” Jonas went on. (So, yes, joking about Diplo, a wedding guest, “ruining” the wedding.)

Whether or not he meant the remark sarcastically, it was picked up, with very little irony, for publication in a variety of gossip blogs—and from there it made its way to Diplo’s Instagram, the DJ and producer inadvertently outing himself as a tabloid reader in the process. He posted a screenshot of what appears to be either a tabloid spread or Snapchat Discover page with the headline “Diplo ruined my secret wedding” set against a photo from Jonas’s Capital Breakfast interview, embellished with insets of Diplo in a rhinestone cowboy outfit and a blurry image, perhaps from Diplo’s own livestream, from the Turner-Jonas Vegas wedding. “The only thing that ‘ruined’ the wedding was your fit,” Diplo wrote in the caption. (This might sound vicious if the two didn’t have a relationship, but given that Diplo was one of some five people invited to the surprise Las Vegas wedding, one might draw the conclusion they’re actually quite close and this is a matter of a gentle roasting between friends.) Jonas responded with an eye-roll emoji, while Dillon Francis, Josh Ostrovsky, Lauren Jauregui, and the official Amazon Music Instagram (“This is fantastic content”) chimed in in the comments.

Perhaps the newlyweds should investigate other options for their French wedding photos. Or maybe everything between Diplo and Joe Jonas is just fine.

In any event, no one back in 2006 could have imagined that the guy who DJ’d for M.I.A. would be involved in intense wedding drama with one of the dudes from that Disney Channel band, yet here we are.

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