Emily Blunt and John Krasinski Twin in Tuxedos at Writers’ Guild Awards

There’s nothing better for your marriage than making a movie together, apparently.

Emily Blunt and John Krasinski
Sylvain Gaboury/Getty Images

“Everyone” may have told Emily Blunt and John Krasinski that they would “be divorced by the end” of shooting A Quiet Place, but “everyone” was sorely mistaken. Since the film, which Krasinski directed and starred in opposite Blunt, premiered last year, the couple has been making the rounds at all the awards, picking up trophies and getting emotional over each other’s victories. (See, for example, Krasinski’s reaction to Blunt’s win for best supporting actress for A Quiet Place at the SAG Awards.) At this weekend’s Writers’ Guild Awards, where Krasinski was nominated for Best Original Screenplay for A Quiet Place, they escalated things even further, delivering matching looks on the red carpet.

They arrived to the New York awards ceremony, which took place in simultaneous ceremonies on the east coast and west coast, in Los Angeles, both in tuxedos: for Krasinski, a relatively traditional look, consisting of a velvet jacket, black trousers, dress shoes, and a bow tie, and for Blunt, a bit more of a playful take, consisting of a ruffled brocade jacket and matching trousers and an oversized silk bow tie by Dolce & Gabbana paired with black heels with rhinestone-encrusted ankle straps. She wore a bold cocktail ring on one pointer finger and her hair in a messy bun—the whole thing reading a little more Mary Poppins than A Quiet Place. Ellie Kemper, Julianna Margulies, and Tony Shalhoub were also in attendance at the east coast ceremony; Blunt and Krasinski recently procured a Brooklyn apartment, so this is home turf now.

Few Hollywood couples—save, perhaps, for not-married work-couple Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper—are as mutually supportive as Krasinski and Blunt; what other actor husband can profess to have viewed his wife’s movie a whopping 72 times? As Krasinski captioned an Instagram in late 2017, “Yup… terrible decision to work together.”