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Justin Bieber Reveals His Intent to Grow His 'Hair Down to My Toes'

Justin Bieber is intent on redefining his style with a new look that might be best described au naturale. First, he embraced his own acne to make pimples cool again. Now, he's announced big plans for what was once his signature hair swoop via Instagram Stories: "I'm going to grow my hair down to my toes."

In a series of selfies, Bieber showed off his newly acquired length. His hair reaches just below his ears in a cross between an Emilia Clarke bob and a Katy Perry pixie. He's also growing out his stubble for a blond mustache and beard combo. He must have gotten some negative feedback on the first selfie, because he captioned the second "long hair don't care and my stash is gorgeous." 2018 Bieber is all about the self-love, even has attempts to take his look from Barney Rubble to Captain Caveman.

Unfortunately, after some research, we do have to pull out the "actually..." card on Bieber. It would likely take him more than a decade to grow his hair that long. As of last year, the Guinness World Record holder for "longest hair on a teenager" was Abril Lorenzatti of Argentina, with hair at 4 feet 11.84 inches long. She's reportedly been growing her hair out for the past 11 years. Let's indulge in some quick math: Hair grows from around a quarter inch to a half inch per month. Justin Bieber is five foot nine inches. If his hair grows at the rate of six inches per year, it would take at least 11.5 years for him to have hair down to his toes, if not longer. Now that's a commitment.

We won't hold Bieber to his promise, but we can recommend some ways to ensure healthy, long hair, like treatment masks, biotin supplements, and, of course, regular trims to keep the hair from getting ratty in case he decides to go for it. We doubt Bieber has all that work in mind when he imagines hair down to his toes. You know what's an actually easy hairstyle? A buzzcut.

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