Justin Theroux Is Now Apparently “Bffffffs” with Emma Stone and Queer Eye‘s Jonathan Van Ness

Can you believe?!

Bertrand Rindoff Petroff/Getty Images

Concept: a Queer Eye spinoff featuring current Fab Five grooming expert Jonathan Van Ness, Academy Award winner Emma Stone, and leather jacket-loving, actor-producer-screenwriter Justin Theroux. It might sound far-fetched, but, according to a recent Instagram post, the trio are already “Bffffffs” and, no doubt, are looking for a way to take their friendship to the next level. On Monday, Theroux posted the photo of the three to his Instagram Story. Though it has since disappeared, the instantly iconic pic was screen-shotted and reposted by several quick-thinking Emma Stone fan pages.

In the shot, the three stars strike matching poses, chins resting on hands, and exhibit a variety of facial expressions: Van Ness serves deer-in-headlights realness, while Stone breaks into a serene smile, and Theroux offers up a mysterious smolder. “Save lives! Save lives! Saving lives! Doing the most!” Theroux captioned the photo, referencing Van Ness’s tidy firefighter job description in the first season of Netflix’s Queer Eye reboot. “Bffffffs. And yes. JUST bfffffs,” Theroux added, though that’s unlikely to stop fans from eagerly hoping for a Justin-Jonathan romance. Though Theroux didn’t note where exactly the meet-up took place, it may have been at a Netflix-related event, since the streaming powerhouse just renewed Queer Eye for a second season, and Theroux and Stone recently signed on to star in the platform’s upcoming series Maniac.

Since he and Jennifer Aniston announced earlier this year that they were separating after two years of marriage, Theroux has been spending time with many of his closest “bfffffs,” according to People. On Sunday, he was spotted walking through New York City with Paul Rudd and Rudd’s wife, Julie Yaeger. And just last week, he took another walk through the city with Aubrey Plaza; amid romance rumors, a source told the outlet that the pals had only met up “to discuss a potential film project.”