Kanye West Pivoting to Preaching With Kardashian-West Family “Sunday Service”

Pastor West is now holding regular Sunday Services.

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Taylor Hill

Sundays have historically been a big day of the week for the Kardashians. It’s the night their eponymous reality series releases a new episode, the night that Kendall Jenner chose to reveal her struggle with acne, and now, in the Kardashian-West household, Sundays are for “Sunday Service,” a weekly spiritual journey led by none other than Kanye West.

According to Kim Kardashian’s Twitter, each week the family will spend Sundays together and embark on the path of spiritual enlightenment. This Sunday, the service was all about West’s music. As documented on Kardashian’s Instagram Stories, the first Sunday Service featured a full gospel choir singing remixed versions of West’s songs, including “I Wonder,” “Father Stretch My Hands,” and “Beautiful Morning,” with the rapper serving as the de facto choir director. Holding Sunday Service at their Calabasas home would appear to be a lot more convenient than wrangling up the kids and heading off to church, and the children did seem to enjoy the spectacle.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that West’s songs actually do work with the gospel treatment (it’s been a theme of his music for years), at least well enough for the kids to groove to them on camera. Pastor West and his antics aside, the highlight of these Sunday Service snaps was little Chicago West dancing with glee at the sight and sound of the gospel versions of her father’s songs. North West debuted her personality early on, with an iconic scowl at the paparazzi at just two years old. Now we know the five-year-old to be a budding artist-slash-designer with attitude, and younger brother Saint is just a playful delight, living his best life as the middle child. While North and Saint were absent from this Sunday Service, finally we are beginning to see a glimpse of the personality of the baby (for now, anyway) of the West family. Until “Sunday Service,” the almost-one-year-old Chicago has been but a mere cherub seated on the laps of her famous parents, but as her mom’s Instagram Stories show, she is a bonafide member of the congregation who clearly felt the spirit move her to dance on Sunday.

The details of next week’s Sunday Service have yet to be revealed, but if the rapper’s Twitter account is any indication of what’s to come (this is, after all, the same man who once tweeted “If something’s on my mind and spirit I let it out” and then declared, “God is on my side. I am a Christian” after that), it wouldn’t be a surprise to see West get a little dogmatic on the microphone and start preaching any day now.

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