Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx’s Relationship May Have Ended How It Began: In Secrecy

Would you actually expect a statement?

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Kevin Mazur

How can we be so sure that Katie Holmes relationship with Jamie Foxx is over when we never got much in the way of confirmation that it actually existed to begin with? Well, from viewing the headlines from various tabloid outlets over the past few days, we really can’t. The most mysterious celebrity relationship of the invasive internet gossip age remains, as always, almost enviably mysterious.

Holmes and Foxx were first linked together in 2014, and despite some paparazzi-provided photographic evidence that the pair occasionally held hands together outside of the privacy of their own homes, neither were quick to confirm anything. Complicating the matter was that Foxx co-starred in the 2004 film Collateral with Holmes’ ex-husband Tom Cruise. There were also a host of whispers (perhaps just assumptions) that the terms of the divorce from Cruise mandated that she not date anyone else publicly for a set amount of time. Of course, a simpler answer might also apply: Holme’s relationship with Cruise was one of the most widely covered and public in recent Hollywood history. It would only make sense that she would seek privacy in her next relationship.

Over the past year, however, it seemed that the pair was inching closer to public status, most notable by posing for pictures together inside the most recent Met Ball (they did, however, keep their distance on the pink carpet).

Though, now comes report that Foxx was seen out in Los Angeles with two “mystery women” (one later identified as singer), while Holmes was seen out and about in New York.

Page Six reports that they’re officially over.

“A spy at La Esquina overheard the actress — who was having dinner with girlfriends at the Kenmore Street restaurant — tell a pal, ‘What Jamie does is his business — we haven’t been together for months,” reads the item. Page Six says they confirmed the split with a “Holmes pal.”

People magazine, however, painted a different picture. They say Foxx is merely helping out the singer he was spotted briefly holding hands with with her career. They also re-quoted an insider who told them in April, that “When [Foxx and Holmes] can spend time together, they do. When they’re busy and they can’t, they don’t. They are two adults who enjoy each other’s company and have for a long time.”

So, frankly, who knows? There’s a lot of assumptions being made here it seems. We’re all just assuming they’ve been together for this long in the first place, and assuming that their relationship was of the traditional linear type to begin with.

Perhaps the safest assumption to make is that neither party seems to be the type to want to confirm anything one way or another.

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