Kenya Kinski Jones Doesn’t Style Her Hair, Gets Highlights

The up-and-coming model shares her beauty obsessions.

Kenya Kinski Jones

While 22-year-old Kenya Kinski-Jones is the child of stars (music producer Quincy Jones and actress Nastassja Kinski), the model certainly hasn’t let it go to her head. Here, the California girl (and face of Calvin Klein Jeans) shares her down-to-earth beauty secrets.

Your look in three words: Individual, natural, chic.

Never leave the house without: Glossier Balm Dot Com, sunscreen, Simple Micellar Wipes, a couple packets of Kusmi tea.

Beauty from the inside out: I notice that water plays a really important role in how I look, but most importantly in how I feel. Sometimes I don’t drink enough and it shows. When you take care of yourself and you do things that make you happy, that is what matters most.

Beauty essentials: I threw out all of my foundations when I found Glossier’s Skin Tint. It’s much lighter and sheerer than foundation, which I love. It’s the perfect amount of coverage makes my skin glow. Chanel’s Coco Shine Lipstick in Deauville is subtle, but gives my lips a flushed rosy tone. At night, I put on Weleda’s Skin Food. It’s all natural and really rich.

Skincare secret: When I find that my skin isn’t at its best, I do a face steam. I love to get a big bowl with boiling water, put some tea bags in it, like chamomile, and then put a towel over my head and let it steam for about ten minutes. It just kind of detoxes your skin. After that, I put on a mask.

Hair remedy: don’t style my hair on a daily basis, I just like to let it air dry but I do get highlights every three months. I try not to do it more often than every three months if I don’t have to because it’s really damaging. For that I use Davines Melu Mellow Anti-Breakage Conditioner because it’s really moisturizing and healing.

Fragrance of choice: I love Beach by Bobbi Brown! I can’t explain it but it just smells like a day at the beach. I’m obsessed with it. I also like Tom Ford’s Portofino. It smells like the epitome of fresh.

Best advice from mom: Go! Do it! Try it!

Best advice from the pros: More is less!

Beauty icons: My mom, Audrey Hepburn, Kate Moss, Aaliyah, Naomi Campbell.

The Secret to Model Perfect Hair

Chrissy Teigen “Tracy Cunningham is my hair remedy.”

Privacy Settings,” photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, styled by Edward Enninful; W Magazine August 2015.

Jourdan Dunn “My hairstylist Renda Attia and Olive Oil ORS Edge Control Gel.”

Lean Times,” photographed by Alasdair McLellan, styled by Edward Enninful; W Magazine June/July 2015.

Caroline Trentini “My favorite salon, Laces, in Brazil.”

Sculpture Garden,” photographed by Willy Vanderperre, styled by Panos Yiapanis; W Magazine Art May 2015.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley “Moroccan Oil Dry Shampoo.”

Perfect Ten,” photographed by Mario Sorrenti, styled by Edward Enninful; W Magazine March 2014.

Aline Weber “Olayplax hair mask.”

One Slick Pony,” photographed by Axel Filip Lindahl, styled by Ethel Park.

Maria Borges “With my hair I am very specific: I trust the one and only hair guru Marcello Costa. I love to use Jonathan Products because is organic. We avoid relaxers and try alternatives to it. Before my blowout, I use Hydra-Curls leave in conditioner.”

Warrior Stance,” photographed by Steven Klein, styled by Edward Enninful; W Magazine March 2015.

Lily Aldridge “I love Oribe’s mask for color-treated hair! It makes my hair so shiny and soft.”

Privacy Settings,” photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, styled by Edward Enninful; W Magazine August 2015.

Hereith Paul “I use conditioner every other day, and shampoo once a month. Shampoo is too harsh on my hair.”

Giving Lip,” photographed by Julia Noni, styled by Felicia Garcia-Rivera; W Magazine April 2015.

Grace Hartzel “French hairstylist Didier Malige.”

Out of Uniform,” photographed by Mario Sorrenti, styled by Melanie Ward; W Magazine April 2015.

Neelam Gil “Neil Moodie cuts my hair and before he cuts it he does this amazing treatment that strengthens my hair and keeps it glossy. I also wash my hair with the Windle and Moodie shampoo and conditioner, which is really nourishing for my hair seeing as it’s styled multiple times a day whilst shooting.”

The London Look,” photographed by Harry Carr, styled by Hanna Kelifa.