Kim Cattrall Will Only Use Sex and the City Nostalgia to Get You to Pick Up Your Trash for the Earth

The Sex and the City actress once collected plastic while filming in Malibu.

Photographer: Alexis Dahan

After completing two Sex and the City films and six seasons of television, Kim Cattrall decided that she would never do it again, not ever. She’s moved on, booking Tell Me a Story, the fairy-tale-anthology series, and the forthcoming Fox pilot Filthy Rich, in which she’ll play the matriarch of a wealthy Christian television network family. But just in time for Earth Day, Cattrall is looking back on a very specific moment from the filming of the first Sex and the City film—during which, in the midst of shooting on the beach, she decided to do her part for the environment and collect trash that had been discarded on the sand.

On Monday, Cattrall, clearly vying for Leonardo DiCaprio’s spot, posted a grainy photo of herself, dating to 2008, to her Twitter and Instagram. In the image, she holds a massive Bed Bath & Beyond plastic bag and an empty Crystal Geyser water bottle; she’s wearing a black high-waisted bikini, a white calf-length puffer jacket, camel-colored Ugg boots, and rectangle-framed turquoise sunglasses. And she’s picking up trash. “Doing my bit, while filming on a Malibu beach, to keep our oceans free of plastics…” she wrote in a caption superimposed on the photo, adding the hashtag #earthday.

Other fans picked up on the moment, too: “a true icon,” one wrote, posting the same photo. “I had no idea the amount of trash we picked up on filming breaks. Mostly single use plastic carry bags & water bottles. A real eye opener,” Cattrall replied in the comments. “We need to educate people. Remind people if they forget.” The comments on Cattrall’s own post ranged from praise—“conscious queen,” one fan wrote—to strangely antagonistic—“plastic water bottle and is that a plastic bag? Way to show your fans how to save the earth, Kim,” another wrote. (Cattrall clarified, to the latter commenter, that no, the Bed Bath & Beyond bag did not belong to her; she was simply trying to clean up the beach.)

Cattrall also pointed out to one inquisitive commenter that she’s in the midst of filming the pilot for Filthy Rich, her forthcoming Fox drama, in New Orleans. And you know what that means: more coastlines to clean.