Kim Kardashian Debuted A Bob Haircut Over the Weekend

The best way to stay cool in the summer.

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Rich Fury

Kim Kardashian has an iconic look for many reasons, chief among them, her hair. She’s had nearly every single hair color in the book — pink, bright blonde, chocolate brown, and blue-black — and almost every style, as well. Her longtime stylist Chris Appleton is responsible for many of these gorgeous changes, and now, he’s just helped her with another stunning look — a chic blunt bob.

Kardashian posted the new look to her Instagram Story and Appleton reposted her fun video to his feed, writing, “How ?does Kim look with this new FRESH AF cut! #chrisappletonhair @makeupbymario.” Kardashian continued to post the video across her many social media platforms throughout the weekend, including quite a few twinning moments with sister Khloe Kardashian, who also got the summer’s most popular haircut late last week.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Kardashian with a lob or a bob. Around Christmastime, we saw her with an icy blonde lob, and earlier in the spring we saw her with an earlier iteration of this same bob. Of course, nothing stays permanent forever in the world of Kardashian hair, and it seems like the beauty mogul may already be changing her mind. On Sunday night, less than 48 hours after making the chop, she tweeted, “Wait I miss my long hair ?.” Don’t worry, Kim—that’s what extensions are for.

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