Kim Kardashian Helped Paris Hilton Celebrate Her 38th Birthday

Friends on?

Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian Sighting in Los Angeles - January 3, 2007
Chris Wolf

Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton put to rest any notion that they’re no longer friends on Saturday, when Kardashian joined Hilton for a combined belated 38th birthday party and St. Patrick’s Day celebration, E! reports. Kardashian made sure to post highlights from the evening on social media, just in case anyone still doubts the nature of their relationship. One of Kardashian’s Instagram stories shows Hilton wearing her birthday suit—a shiny silver catsuit. Hilton reposted the clip with a caption that read, “Loves it @kimkardashian.”

And because Kardashian and Hilton can both be credited with making the selfie an ubiquitous part of American life, they made sure to take one together and share it with the world. In another clip, Kardashian can be heard wishing Hilton a happy birthday, “even though your birthday was months ago.” Hilton, in fact, turned 38 on February 17.

The saga that is Kardashian and Hilton’s on-and-off-again friendship has been well documented over the years, and the two reality TV icons have certainly played their part in keeping us guessing as to its status. After years of apparent chilliness toward each other, they shocked everyone in 2016 when they appeared together at Kris Jenner’s annual holiday party, E! points out. Hilton was also on hand for Jenner’s latest holiday bash, despite rumors of their feud being reignited after Kardashian posted images from a photo shoot that were oddly similar to a shoot Hilton had done a year prior. While Hilton never called Kardashian out specifically, she did repost the images after Kardashian posted hers, which led some to believe that she was throwing shade at Kardashian.

But based on the duo’s social media blitz over the weekend, it looks like all is well in the world of Kim and Paris, and we can all sleep well at night because of it.

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