Kim Kardashian West Had to Tell Kanye to Stop Spending

He wanted to build an ice-skating rink for a party!

Kim Kardashian West, Kanye West

On last night’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim Kardashian West decided to start hosting the annual Kardashian Christmas Eve party, taking the reins from mom Kris Jenner. The party was absolutely gorgeous; Kim transformed her home into a winter wonderland, with fake snow covering the yard. But even though the party cost a reported $1.3 million, her husband, Kanye West, apparently wanted to make it even more over-the-top.

When Kim found out that Kanye had gone far over budget, she had to intervene. “I really need you to not be upset, but this is so inappropriate that it’s so much money for a party for one night,” she told him. “Finances stress me out more than anything in life, so just know that…The Christmas party is going to change. For one night, for a few hours, and I want to kick everyone out? We can’t do this. We have to cut so much of that.” Kanye clearly had a vision for this thing. “First of all, we can’t put snow in the street…and we do not need an ice-skating rink,” Kim added. “I don’t want to ruin our whole landscaping. I literally will cancel the whole party.”

The party drama didn’t stop there: After Kim extended an invitation to Kris’s ex Caitlyn Jenner, sister Khloé Kardashian lost it, saying that the invite was inappropriate and would make their mother uncomfortable. But Kris agreed to host Caitlyn, saying she would never want to make her daughters Kendall and Kylie Jenner uncomfortable. “I would never do that to Kendall and Kylie, just like I would never do it to you,” she told Kim. “I promise you, I’m fine. Just let it go. Vodka is my friend.”

All of this was very dramatic, but the episode’s B plot, which featured Kim and Khloé going on a hunt for a hamster, was really a delight. Khloé had previously purchased one for her niece North, but it of course met an untimely end (because hamsters always meet untimely ends). North refused to accept the creature’s demise and kept treating it as though it were alive; she even made her mother take it to the vet. And so Kim and Khloé journeyed around Calabasas, attempting to find a hamster replacement.

They eventually did get North a new hamster, even though it proved to be quite the challenge (Khloé had purchased a rare, fancy sort of hamster). But the episode’s biggest revelation was not that North played with an animal corpse, but rather that both Kim and Khloé did not know how to spell hamster. They both believed that it was spelled with a “p.” As in “hampster.”

“Wait, is it hamster and not ‘hampster?’ ” Khloé cried in disbelief. Her sister was equally shocked. They had both been typing “hamp.” Autocorrect has never failed anyone so profoundly.