Kris Jenner Revealed Details About Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s Rumored Wedding

If Kris Jenner doesn’t know about it, it’s not happening.

Photo by @kyliejenner.

With the surge of celebrity weddings in the past couple of months, one might think that Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are inevitably going to be next, especially since Jenner raised a few eyebrows last week when she shared a photograph of herself on Instagram with the caption “extraño a mi esposo.” The caption, which translates to “I miss my husband” in English, had fans thinking that she and Scott might have already tied the knot.

Of course, her momager Kris Jenner put any wedding theorists in their place when she called in for an interview on the Australian radio program, The Kyle and Jackie O Show. When the hosts asked about the possibility of “wedding bells” for Jenner and Scott, she initially couldn’t help but gush about the couple and add her seal of approval, saying, “They’re so great. They are really terrific.” However, she quickly followed the enthusiasm with a shutdown of any wedding rumors. As far as “wedding bells” go, there are none that the omniscient image control maestro knows of—and “if you hear something you better call my cell.” If Kris Jenner doesn’t know about any wedding planning between her daughter and her daughter’s boyfriend, then you can probably assume the nuptials are not happening just yet.

The “husband” reference on Jenner’s recent Instagram post is not the first time she’s hinted at marriage—she called Scott her “hubby” on Instagram in October 2018 after he sent her bouquets of flowers. Jenner’s January Instagram post also became a quick lesson in accepting that just because someone refers to her boyfriend as her “husband,” that does not mean he is actually her husband. This modern approach also extends beyond Jenner and Scott: Even Maya Rudolph and Paul Thomas Anderson handle their relationship in a similar manner (last year the actress told The New York Times that she calls the director her “husband” because “people know what that means”).

Marriage can be just a little too passé for some celebrities and their long-term partners, but Jenner and Scott are actually not so opposed to the tradition, and the couple is reportedly planning to walk down the aisle at some point in the near future. According to Scott’s interview with Rolling Stone in December, the rapper admitted that he and Jenner will “get married soon” and that he will “propose in a fire way,” so rest assured that the big wedding is coming up as soon as he figures out his plan.

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