Kylie Jenner Creative Directed Travis Scott’s Birthday Party, Which Was Inside a “Gas Station”

Complete with Scott-branded wares like glass cleaner and bleach.

kylie jenner travis scott relationship.jpg

As part of her ongoing efforts to inform the world that Travis Scott is now 28 years old, Kylie Jenner threw yet another birthday party for her boyfriend on Tuesday (his actual birthday), hours after she posted one more tribute to him on Instagram praising how he’s evolved as both a partner and a father (and proposing that they “fuck around and have another baby”).

At first, Jenner appeared to have toned things down a bit from their first celebration: a private screening of Avengers: Endgame, which came with a cake topped off with figurines of Scott, once again dressed as Iron Man, and Jenner herself, dressed as her alter ego “Captain LipKit.” (Oh, and their daughter, Stormi.) This time, Jenner filled their home with balloons, white roses, and M&M’s stamped with a family portrait, but that was just the beginning. (Of the night, and of her fastidious documentation of it on Instagram Stories.)

“I creative directed this whole party, by the way,” she said while cuddling with Scott in a neon-lit elevator on their way up to the function. Once she safely disembarked, Jenner proceeded to give her followers a tour. “We’re in a gas station,” she explained, showing off shelves full of Scott-branded wares like bottles of bleach and glass cleaner and rolls of paper towels. To complete the vibe, there was also a machine to dispense “cactus coolers,” which Jenner was disappointed to discover didn’t actually work. (Luckily, that was not the case with the Hennessy Slurpee machine.)

From left: The entrance to Travis Scott’s birthday party, shaped like Scott himself; an inside view of the “gas station” and its Scott-branded wares.

Courtesy of @kimkardashian and @stassiebaby

Kim Kardashian also gave a tour of the party on Instagram, which also included a dispatch—”so trippy”—from her elevator ride. “We’re in a fun house. I don’t know what’s going on here,” she said after making her way through the entrance, via the mouth of a giant blow-up version of Scott, similar to the one that took center stage at Stormi’s first birthday party. The inside of Scott’s party was just as over-the-top, with installations like a tree decorated with dangling Nikes. As Scott astutely observed while showing off Jenner’s other gift, a Lamborghini: “Wifey u go in every time.”

From left: Travis Scott kissing Kylie Jenner while she gets a tattoo; Scott taking in his Air Jordan birthday cake.

Courtesy of @madisonbeer and @styledbyhrush

In addition to burgers and a giant birthday cake in the shape of an Air Jordan, Jenner also provided guests like Madison Beer, Kanye West, and Kendall Jenner the opportunity to get a tattoo by the celebrity favorite JonBoy. It’s unclear what she and Scott chose to get on their arms, but Jenner’s, at least, should appear exquisitely executed: She held so still while getting hers that, at first glance, she appeared to be doing the mannequin challenge.

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